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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


12. Chapter 12.

Alexandra's P.O.V


" Comeon Andra get up we have to go to school!!" Cher grunted tryna pull me out the bed . I'm not going to school because Zayns mad at me . I didn't get my morning text and I texted him about 5,000 times last night and called him but no answer .

I feel like a worthless piece of shit ... okay I don't feel worthless I just don't like being ignored "I don't wanna go !" I yelled . She sighed . "Sweetie Zayn's not mad at you " She rubs my back .

"How do you know .. he won't text me back , he won't answer my phone calls " I said "Maybe he's busy" she shrugged her shoulders . "Busy my ass !" I yelled and covered my face with the pillow .

"Fine Alexandra I'll just see you later " She said and left the room.  Though I didn't see her leave the room I heard the door close and I was just picturing her walking out like miley cyrus . 


I laid there for first and second period and since my brother wasn't home it was really boring . I got up and sighed "School ... or couch .." I asked myself . I didn't wanna be home alone anymore .

"School" I nodded once before going to my closet and putting on my black and grey button up blouse with slashes on the shoulders, my black high waist skirt, and my black and grey wedge nikes . I lurv dem so much Thoe!!

I drove to the school and went in the school building soon attacked by hugs that felt like 3 fat people . "Where you been best friend I missed you this morning in math .. Mr . Horan gave me an A even though I flunked that test so bad!" Sparrow said .

"Aww" I cooed . She sqealed and I laughed . Just then Louis ran up with be shoe on and no shirt ."What are you doing ? Why are you haft naked " I asked . "I was with Mr . Styles and I lost track of time .." He said panting out of breath . "Dayum!" I yelled . He laughed putting on his shirt . 


I was sitting at the desk .. haft sleep . Every 4 minutes Mr. Styles smacked his ruler against the desk to wake me up . He would try to talk to me too . I'm like bitch no .. stahp .

I was seriously on the road to sleepy town when I heard " Alexandra please take these files to Mr . Malik for me " Mr . Styles said . "Why does she always get to do it!" Some kid yelled ."No talking in my class rubert . " I laughed . What the fuck kind of name is rubert .

I took the files from his hand and walked down the hallway nervously to Mr . Maliks class . Nobody was in the classroom. Everyone exept Seniors had a field trip today so he had sooo many free periods . I softly knocked on the door and he turned around .

His eyes were pink and he had a hood on his head . "Hey what's wrong?" I asked . He shook his head " I'm just a bit sick that's all" he sniffled . I sat the stuff down and closed the door .

I walked over to him and hugged him ."You're gonna get sick babe" he chuckled . "Yep !" I smiled . With that he just grabbed my body pulling it close to his .

I started to hear little sobs over my shoulder " Are you crying ?" I giggled . "I'm sorry I ignored you .. I know you felt like I didn't wanna talk to you I was dying to" He admitted .

"Oh its okay don't worry about it .. Say it again " I smiled . "What ?" He asked . "Say it again " I repeated . He thought for a second . Wow he must really be sick .

Then It must have popped in his head because he snapped his fingers like a smart ass . "I love you" He held onto my face . "I love you " I smiled and held his face . He pulled my face to his and kissed me  .

He hugged my body tightly . "I love you I love you I love you !" He yelled . I giggled . Then the bell started to ring . "Oh yeah Harry wanted me to give these to you " I walked over to the folders .

"Fuck Harry I wanna show you something " He grabbed his keys and dragged me out the classroom . "Where you going Malik !!" Niall yelled . "I'll be back !!" Zayn yelled back . 

We got to Zayn's house and he covered my eyes with his hands . His hands smelled like sickness and cookies but I wasn't complaining ... I like cookies :) .

He guided me in the house and down some stairs . He un covered my eyes revealing a black door "Okay .. I've been wanting to show you this room for a while now .. its really special to me " he smiled . "Oooo I wanna see!" I jumped up and down .

He laughed opening the door . The sun from the big grand window shined on the room with grafitti everywhere ,spray cans, gas mask , and paint everywhere . IT WAS FUCKING HEAVEN!! .

"Oh my gosh this is amazing Zayn ... it reminds me of my old room back in california" I smiled a little at the last part.  "What happened to it?" He asked . "I got kicked out so I don't know the probably painted over all my stuff " I chuckled a little .

He laughed too . " Well from now on .. consider this OUR art studio " He said grabbing my hands . "Really ?" I smiled . He nodded . I hugged his torso and he hugged me back 3 times tighter .

"Let me see a gas mask" I said to him . He picked up one from the hook on the wall and gave it to me. I picked up the Lime green spray paint and and shook it a couple times before standing on the stool and drawing a big grafitti heart with green and blue spray paint .

Then I put a Z and an A in the middle of it in grafitti letters . Zayn grabbed my sides helping me off the stool . It was tall I guess .. not .. but it was still sweet of him :) . 

"Thats amazing sweet heart " He smiled . I smiled bashfully . He kissed my lips leaving there for a while until "ACHOO!!" I sneezed . He laughed "you sneeze like a kitten " He smiled .

I punched his arm soon sneezing again . "Sounds like someone is getting sick ." He rubbed my back sniffling afterwards . " .. Your fault" I pointed to him and then walked out . "You wanted to lay on me !" He yelled chasing after me shutting the door behind him . 

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