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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


11. Chapter 11.

Alexandra's P.O.V

After detention me and Cher went to Louis' house .  We sat in his living room eating tubs of icecream because they must have realized that they didnt feed me -.- . 

"Whoo brain freeze !!!" Cher yelled . We laughed at her . "So when did you decide to be Bi ?" I asked Louis. He shrugged . " I guess when i moved to the advanced building and when Mr. Styles came " He shurgged again "Awww you tuned gay for him !!"

Cher yelled excitedly . I rollled my eyes smiling . "Louis that's really sweet " I nodded . He blushed "Yeah I'm pretty sweet " He put his hand to his face bashfully . We shared a laugh . "LOUUUUUU!!!" Someone yelled "WiiiiWiii" A baby voice yelled .

Just then an older lady and 4 smaller girls walked in the room "Lou sweet heart help mummy please" She said "Oh yeah!" Louis jumped from the couch grabbing the groceries out her hands . "Oh you must be Louis' friends I'm Jay" She held out her hand .

I shook it and Cher shook mine . "I'm Alexandra and this is my cousin Cher but Louis calls me --" "ALLLLLLLEXXXXX!!!!!" Louis yelled . His mom laughed.  Louis came back out of the kitchen and ploped back on the couch . " I see you've met my mum .These are my sister . First the evil one Lottie "

He pointed to one of the girls . She rolled her eyes "I'm not evil don't listen to him " She told me . "Anyway this is Fizzy who's is co prankster of the house ... I'm captain" he whispered the last part in my ear .

I nodded . "An those are my cute baby twins Phoebe and Diasy" He pointed to the twins playing in the corner . "Aaawww they so cute!!" Cher yelled and ran over to the . They giggled as she attacked them with hugs . "Who's that?" Fizzy asked . "That's just my cousin Cher ..." I said . "She's new here" I added . They nodded . 


After we got back home I put on some pajamas and laid there while Cher took her slow ass time in the shower . I soon got bored and grabbed my ipod and my beats headphones and started listening to sOmo Ride .

I started to sing Into my invisible microphone when I felt someone take the headphones off my head . "♪Im goin ride I'm goin ride on you baby on you lady all night all night ♪" The voice sung .

"Zayn?" I asked . "How'd you guess?" He smiled and kissed my cheek . "Ion know just lucky" I gave the sassy 'dont worry bout it hand ' . I've been around louis too much lol .

"What are you doing here ?" I asked laying back down . He laid next to me the collar on his leather jacket flipped up "I wanted to talk to you " he said . "Okay " I smiled "Well .. remember earlier when I said something and .. you couldnt hear me ?" He asked .

"Mhm" I hummed . " ...." " What's wrong?" I asked . He shook his head. "What !!?" I whined . He kept quiet . I sighed . Its probably something bad .. *crys* it was going so well . Then I realized it was quite shocking when he spoke the words "I love you Alexandra " he gave me a shy smile after .

My mouth was opened in shock . I didnt know what to say because I ... I don't know . "Alex..?" He asked . "Uh I --" "Annnnndraa who's ready to watch some disney movies!" Cher called . "Umm I'll be ready in a second " I nodded to her .

She nodded back skipping down the stairs . "Um . Maybe I should go ?" He asked . I nodded . He got up running his hand through his head . "Well I'll see you tomorrow " I nodded . "Yeah .. " He nodded back . I hugged him and he gave me a quick hug "Night Alexandra" He mumbled and left without another word .

"Night Zayn call me!! .. no okay ..." I said feeling a little sawty . I felt really bad too.  I did love him . I loved him a lot . How do I know he loves me .. really truly loves me ?  When I heard the door slam shut a tear came out my eye .

FUCK NO I WAS NOT CRYING!! Nothing even happened . "Alex everything okay ?" Deangelo called . "Yeah!" I yelled back . I wiped the tear from my eye and walked down the stairs to Cher with blankets and pillows everywhere ,snacks on the table , and the Lion king video on the T.V .

"You ready ?I know this is your favourite movie I wanted to wait so I could press play " She smiled . "Yeah " I sighed . I got under the covers next to her kicking the foot rest up on the side of the leather couch . She pressed play .

" Are you and Zayn okay ? He just left upset " She said . The moment wasn't about to tear me down "We alright . Nothings wrong" I nodded stuffing my face with skittles . "Okay" she smiled and did the same as we watched the movie 



I didnt update yesterday im sorry i have friends over and just so much is going on at once but like and comment for the next chapter ....and trust me ... the drama is only beginning *pervert face* (Ugh that creep)



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