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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


10. Chapter 10

Zayn's P.O.V

I drove down the street just thinking about her . Her beautiful smile . Those eyes . All I could think about was the amazing night we had together and why couldn't it not end . At this point I don't care if I lose my job I wanna be with her and they can't stop me . I turned the corner when my phone started to ring . 

"Hello ?" I answered "Im coming over " the voice said on the phone . It was ..'HER' I sighed . "Im on my way okay ?" I said and hung up the phone turning into the dirt path of my house . 


Alexandra's P.O.V

"MY HEART SKIPS A BEAT !!!" Me and Cher sung loud and proud . I got home and 20 minutes later I was doing exactly what I did on Saturday .We were sitting around drinking starbucks and playing with Cher's rainbow loom and making bracelets while she questioned me about last night . 

"So was the sex any good or... " she asked . I rolled my eyes smirking . She knew I wasnt gonna tell her . She pouts "C'mon he must have that good D if you're not telling me .

" She said . "Well what about Liam hmm ?" I questioned her . "Oh i'll be happy to tell you " She said as sarcastic as a girl can get . "Fine ... it wasn't just sex .. he made love to me ." I smiled looking down at my fingers .

She gasped "Omg you're in love .. he's in love with you " She fans the air like a stressted fangirl . "What ? No no .. he hasn't even said 'I love you' yet . I don't wanna fall in love too fast remember Evan ?" I said . "Yeah you're right .. but anyway back to me and liam !" She clasped her hands together . I laughed . 

(The Next Day)

I pulled on my brothers batman muscle T because it was cute and stuff and I wanted to wear it . I had on A Black strapless bra thang , black leggings and yellow and Black Vans too .

 "Gurl hurry up! You would look beautiful to Mr . Malik naked " Cher yelled . "Don't get you panties in a bunch hold up " I yelled back . I fluffed my hair one last time kissing the mirror and walking out .

We picked up Lou and Sparrow on the way and fucked around wih those 2 goofballs for a while then we went to school . We missed Mr . Horans class so when we came in students were going the next class . "Mr . Horan is gonna kill us !" Louis yelled .

"Chill okay all we gotta do is walk pass his class like we didn't see him " Cher said . We nodded and started walking . 

"Detention " We heard that irish voice say . "Fuck!!" I yelled . "Watch your language Mrs . Malik" He smirked . I rolled my eyes . "Come on Baby let us off the hook just this one time " Sparrow pouted .

"Awww ... No " He smiled and kissed her cheek walking into his classroom . "You could have been a little more Charming !" Louis yelled . "Im Sorry!" Sparrow cries . "Wait since when do we care about dentention .. " I said making point . "Ohhhhh" Everyone said . Ugh these are my friends ... but i love it :D 


"Can anybody tell me the answer to number 5 .. Hm .. How about you Ms . Lloyd ?" Mr .Payne asked Cher who was haft sleep . "Ms . Lloyd !" He yelled . She rose up instantly "UNICORNZ!!" She yelled . The class giggled .

"Thats a detention .. Did you get that?" He questioned close to her face . "Yeah.. " She mumbled . He winked at her then going back to teaching . she turned back to me and I looked away giggling .


"SO ending the lesson the early 1900's .." Mr .Styles spoke . I'm pretty sure haft the class was either bored and texting or pretty deep into a nap by now .

Well except for Louis who was all ears to what Mr. Styles was saying . Mr . Styles would ocassionaly wink at Louis too . These couples are crazy .... but its very entertaining . 

--->After lunch . 


We were in art and I was working on my painting for Mr . Malik's project when I got seriously hungry . I didn't eat lunch because we went all lunch period shopping . They promised me food after .. Liars -.- . My stomach was growling really loud and I tried to clam it down by holding my stomach . 

Mr . Malik saw me and quickly ran over to me . "Are you okay Alexandra ?" He asked . His hazel brown eyes stared into mine . "I'm okay " I nodded . He sighed in relif and walked back over to help other students . 

I almost finished drawing my picture so I can paint and my stomach started growling again . I was officialy done I went through my bookbag and found that swiss roll my brother put in my bookbag and started divouring it.

I was enjoying it when I was interrupted by a hot breath going down my neck . My eyes got big as I turned around and saw Mr . Malik . He took mah food :( . "I'll see you after class Ms . High" He smirked and walked away . I groaned and laid my head on the desk . 


Amazing we all got detention at the same time :) -B00B3AR

Riiight its just peachy and ontop of that im still hungry where the hell is Mr . Malik ?! -Alllllleeexxxx

Mr . Malik then walked in with a bag in his hand . "Whats that ?" I questioned . He smiled closing the door and locked it . He walked over to the desk and dumped out a bunch of snacks on the table . I screamed and attacked all of them .

He laughed "You must have been very hungry love " He smiled . "Yeah .. I didn't eat lunch " I told him . He nodded and walked up to me getting down between my legs and caressing my thighs "You scared me for a second " He life up my shirt kissing my stomach .

"I'm sorry " I smiled . He grabbed my neck and kissed my lips slowly . "Just remember .. I always will be thinking about you . I love you " He mumbled the last part . I couldn't barely hear him . "What ?" I asked for him to say it again . "I ..." He started . "Never mind ... I-Its getting late maybe you should get going " He smiled kissing my head . "Yeah ." I nodded grabbing all my stuff . "Bye Zayn " I waved .

"Bye .. Wait!" He yelled . "Yeah ?" I asked . "Um .. don't you want your snacks .. I got them for you " He said . I shook my head "I'm fine " I began to walk out . I turned back and ran into the classroom grabbing all the snack and running back out . I heard a faint laugh from the class . I love it when he laughs its cute .

I ran in Mr . Paynes class to get Cher and they were making out . "Stahp being nasty!!!" I yelled . "Get out!" Cher yelled . I put my free hand up in defense and ran back to Mr . Maliks class . "Oh did you forget something ?" He asked . I shook my and dropped my stuff.  I ran upto him and jumped on his lap .

"Tell me a story Zaynie " I said and laid my head on his chest . He laughed and wrapped his arms around me "Ok my little baby ... Once upon a time ..." He began the story . 

Sorry it took me so long to update GAWWWWDD . But I Did And dont worry the next chapter will be better . :D




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