Mr.Malik +16

Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


1. Chapter 1.

Alexandra's P.O.V


So recently I was transfered to advanced classes .Turn Up though!! . I'm most excited about art class . I always wanted to be an artist . Just making money doing what I love . 

I pulled up to the school ignoring the perverted comments like every morning.  I'm not a slutty cheerleader sorry . I walked all the way to the second building on campus . I sighed looking at the building . Flipping my curls one last time I walked in .. no turning back now . 

I saw no different from this building . There were still idiots running around chasing each other . There was fat kids trying to eat each other ... okay maybe I exagerrated a little . Once I found my locker I put all my shit in it and hanging stuff on the door .

I shut my locker throwing my bag on my shoulder when I saw some guy who wasn't wearing socks .

"Hello locker neighbor " He said chill leaning against the locker . "Hello ...?" I greeted "Oh I'm Louis Tominson english major and son of Principal Tomlinson " He smiled his thumbs pointing at himself . 

"Oh yeah you're the captain of the football team " I snapped my fingers . "Correctomoondo " He yelled . He was so loud .. and I liked it . "And you are sweetheart ?" He held out his hand . I shook it "Alexandra High I'm an art major " He nodded "Niiice maybe you can draw me something sometime " He smiled . "And you can do my homework ?" I joked . He laughed a little . 

The bell rung and kids ran down the hallway "Well that was the late bell " He sighed . "I already missed the first " I asked confused . "Yeah but its cool Mr. Horan will understand " He reassures me . He took my hand dragging me down the hallway to the classroom .

(Math Class)

He ran in pulling me along . "Late again Mr. Tomlinson  .. What's your excuse today ?" The teacher folded his arm. "We have the new girl and I was just showing her to the classroom " He explained and all attention landed on me . 

" Okay I'm new no need to stare " I said sassily . " Oh here we are Ms. High you can take a seat " He smiled a toothy smile . I gave him a nod and a smile back  . Well at least my teachers are hot and not old this time . "Come sit next to me " Louis said grabbing my hand and pulling me to the back of the room .

"Okay everyone take out a notebook we're taking notes today " Mr . Horan said writing stuff on the board . 

(Chemistry Class)

We walked in the chemistry lab seeing another hot teacher . He was smiling really big  " Looks like we have a new student I'm Mr. Payne nice to meet you " He smiled goggles on his face  " Alexandra nice to meet you too " I smiled back . " Excellent !!" He said .  I laughed . Walking over to my seat next to Louis .

"Everyone put on your goggles were gonna be mixing today " Mr. Payne explained as he started passing out beakers . 

(English Class)

We walked into the historically decorated classroom seeing a cute as a button teacher divouring a banana . It was freaking adorable as well weird 

"Hello I'm Mr. Styles pleasure to meet you " He bowed at my feet . "Charmed " I did a curtsy in return . "Nice ! I like you " He patted my back and I smiled .

I walked over to the desk next to Louis watching him gush over Mr. Styles . I just giggled and let him have his fun .  "Everyone go to page 735 in your english course text books " Mr . Styles called out and we did as we were told . 

----> Lunch <----

I sat down that stuffing my face with a chicken sandwich . I was really hungry and Mr. Horan made it worst sneaking out in the hallway while the students trasitioned and eating food right infront of me . 

"Hayy New Girl!!!" Somebody yelled in my ear and a piece of chicken lodged itself in my throat . I coughed and coughed and she started patting my back . 

"I'm sorry I scared you " she apologized . "Um its fine ... who are you ?" I asked . "Oh I'm Sparrow nice to meet you ..." She held out her hand I shook it "I'm Alexandra and we could be good friends... just don't make me choke " I Chuckled . She laughed too . 

"I see you have met Alexandra " Louis walked up excitedly ."Yeah I couldn't miss her her hair is so big " Sparrow smiled . I giggled . "I'm taking that as a compliment ... so what class do we got next ?" I asked Louis . "Oh whatever you major in you have last and as for you .. you have art with Mr. Malik " he explained . "Oh okay cool " I clapped . They laughed and we continued to eat our lunch together .

( Art Class )

I walked in the classroom and beautiful hazel eyes shot up at me . The teacher was hot!!! Hotter that the others ... but I'm late so I don't know where this is going . 

"Ms . High I know its your first day around here but teachers have been calling and saying you've been late all day " He complained . His british accent was different to Mr . Styles or Mr. Payne . 

"I know I know I'm sorry " I apologized . "Sorry doesn't cut it .You have dentention with me after class love " He wrote on his clipboard . I rolled my eyes ."Okay " I sighed me. He started passing out blank paper and he put some on my table and he winked at me . Wink ? He winked at me ? Whatever maybe he had something in his eye . 


I sat there tapping my pencil on the desk seeing his eyes on me every moment . " Um when can I go ?" I asked . "When. I'm done talking to you " He smiled and it quickly cane back to a serious face . 

"So why did you come to the advanced building ?" He asked me pulling up a chair and sitting right in front of my face . "What a pretty girl can't be advanced ?" I smiled . He slightly chuckled . " I don't mean that .. Your drawings they sent me were really nice your shading is perfect .. pretty good for a rookie " He bit his lip . I watched his lip come from in between his teeth 

"I wouldn't call myself a rookie " I shook my head . "Okay love what should I call you ?" He smiled . "Alexandra .. can I go now ?"I got up from the desk . "Okay then do you need a ride " he asked . I grabbed my bag "No I'm fine .. but thank you " I slowly walked out the room catching him looking up and down my body . 

"bye " I waved . He looked up "Oh by Ms . High " He walked over to his desk . The door closed and I began to walk out . He's weird I can tell something weird goes on in detention with other students too .

I got in the car shut the door and put the key in the ignition and my favourite song kings and queens by soMo came on . I started dancing and singing as I pulled out from the school and on the road home . 




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