Never Give Up

Taylor, a 17 year old with a big dream of becoming a singer.
She goes on the X Factor singing Little Things by her favourite band One Direction. She ends up in all the news papers because of her performance.
What happens when she meets her Idols?
Read to find out..


3. The Party

Taylors P.O.V

We went shopping in London for about 2 hours, because we finished by around 4. We then travelled the 3 and a half- 4 hours back home, when we got home it was about 8:30. We had people come over tomorrow at 12 for a big party to celebrate me getting through!

----The Next Day----

I woke up at 11:00am so I had a nice lie in. I got out of bed and had a quick shower then got dressed into my party clothes, They were all coming at 12. It was loads of family and friends that were coming over, so we needed lots of party food. Once I was ready I walked downstairs to find Hope and Noah my 2 best friends and all my family. There was big Banner saying " WELL DONE TAYLOR " and there was food everywhere. I quickly made myself some toast then ate it, me, Noah and Hope went outside into my garden and put my IPod into the dock and put music on really loud. We made out deck into a mini stage so I could perform ( my mum said I had too ). We put One Direction's albums on whilst we sang along and blew up balloons. We told Noah all about yesterday like how we made a new friends called Destiny and I got interviewed by Caroline Flack. By the time we finished blowing up balloons I heard my mum shout " Taylor your friends are here" I ran out to find Jade, Kaylee, Maia, Olly, Harry, Jordan, Toby and Tyler. They all ran to me and gave me a big hug, my mum took pictures of this I'm pretty sure she I going to have that camera out all day and get the worst pictures of everyone haha. I took them all out into the garden they all said hey to Noah and Hope. An hour later and about everyone was here, my mum got us a mic and she put it on the decking. She told me to come up and say something, so I had too. " Hello everyone thanks for coming! As you all know I went on the X Factor yesterday and I had a very long wait me and Hope made friends with this girl called Destiny shes lovely she got through too! I also got interviewed by Caroline Flack whilst I was in the line, that will be on Xtra Factor. I got 4 yes' and Simon Cowell loved me which is what I was aiming for. Anyway if you were wondering it will be shown on TV in 2 weeks time, we are on the second program so theres one next week ( the first one ) then were on in 2 weeks. Anyway my mum said you might like it if I sang for you? so here I go. " I got my guitar then started singing Little Things, it was harder this time because I know everyone.

After a few hours went by of the party it was amazing, I checked my twitter to see that Destiny tweeted me. She said she's going to be in Devon ( where I live ) for a few days to visit cousins, so she can come and visit me! Shes coming tomorrow so she said she will take me and Hope to tea so we can catch up. Im now very excited for tomorrow, I tweeted back " Yay that will be great see you then xx ".

Everyone started leaving around 5ish, but Hope, Noah, Kaylee, Olly, Toby, Tyler, and Jade are staying over tonight. I couldn't have everyone though :( After everyone went we all went out to Starbucks. Today was amazing, and I've now become a lot closer to Jordan because we had a falling out because he didn't believe me that Jade really really liked him and he got a bit weird with me. Anyway I cant wait for tomorrow now :D


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