Never Give Up

Taylor, a 17 year old with a big dream of becoming a singer.
She goes on the X Factor singing Little Things by her favourite band One Direction. She ends up in all the news papers because of her performance.
What happens when she meets her Idols?
Read to find out..


6. The next view weeks

Taylors P.O.V

----View weeks later----

These last 3 weeks have been amazing! I was shown on X Factor TV, I got followed by NIALL HORAN, me and Destiny have become quite close, and my mum and dad have turned the room next to mine into a recording studio! I've been practicing a lot lately, all different songs im not quite sure what songs I will sing if I do get through to judges houses.

In 2 weeks time I have to go see if I get through to judges houses then I have the whole thing to finding out who my mentor is then where we are going. Then I will have to travel to where im going then perform and hopefully get through. I am very excited for a busy few months with tears and joy.

Yesterday we went shopping to buy me a new dress for when I find out if im getting through, its a cream colour and it has no straps and it flows down to my knees its hard to explain.

Im so nervous for when I find out, because what If I don't get through? I will disappoint everyone and myself.

Anyway on a happy note I have been spending loads of times with my friends, going beach,shopping,water parks, fair, and loads of other places and just having a laugh.

Im trying to get Tyler and Noah together because they will be so cute! they both like each other I know it:) The way they looks each other, and how they are always together. They better get together!

Were all going on a 4 day holiday to London tomorrow just to have a good time and spend time in London as I will be there for a long time soon ( hopefully ).

Were going to Alton Towers, London Dungeons, shopping, Thorpe Park and this water park, were all so excited!

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