Never Give Up

Taylor, a 17 year old with a big dream of becoming a singer.
She goes on the X Factor singing Little Things by her favourite band One Direction. She ends up in all the news papers because of her performance.
What happens when she meets her Idols?
Read to find out..


1. The morning of my Audition.

Taylors P.O.V

I woke up to the smell of pancakes and coffee, i got up out of bed and put my slippers on. I walked downstairs into the kitchen to find my mum, dad, younger brother, baby sister and my best friend Hope. " about time, morning beautiful " my mum said and walked over and gave me a hug. I hugged her back then sat down and started eating my pancakes, " wait why are you all here? " i said as politely as i could. " do you not remember? Its the day of your audition! " Hope said laughing.

Oh shit! I thought to myself, i quickly drank my coffee then ran upstairs to get ready. I jumped into the freezing cold shower whilst singing along to my favourite band One Direction. After washing my hair i jumped out and got dressed into my new clothes i brought yesterday. I straightened my hair then put a little bit of make up on, i looked into the mirror and looked at myself. My black pencil skirt and cream silky top and my blonde dirty hair flowing down looked quite nice for once. Once i was ready i checked my phone i had loads of texts from family and friends saying good luck, then i checked my twitter. I quickly tweeted " todays the day of my audition! So nervous, about to leave bye love you all X ".

-------- half an hour drive later ------

Were here i heard my mum say, i looked at all the people around then i saw the que. It was massive there was at least a thousand people here already. We walked over and lined up, it took forever!

After a hour of waiting Caroline Flack walked over with a camera man " do you mind if we film me talking to you? It will be on Xtra Factor " no of course not, go ahead i said shyly.

Caroline: Hey! Whats your name?

Me: My names Taylor, Taylor May.

Caroline: hey Taylor! You have a guitar there i guess you can play?

Me: yeah of course * smiling *

Caroline: would you like to sing a song? Not all of it tho!

Me: um, okay?

I sang Changed Your life by Little mix, i was so nervous. Everyone was watching and when i finished everyone cheered and screamed.

Caroline seems lovely, but her laugh annoyed me. She spoke to us for about 5 minutes, but before she left i asked her if she spoke to any of One Direction before they went and auditioned. She said she spoke to Liam and he performed great just like Me, i kinda screamed abit inside.

It took us 3 hours to get inside, but whilst we were all waiting me and Hope made a new friend called Destiny. Shes lovely! She was here with her mum Claire. We spoke about One Direction most of the time luckily she was a big fan too.

We got to the table to say my name then get given my number then we walked inside and got a coffee. We had a hour untill i was on stage, luckily i was one of the first ones on but i was freaking out.

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