Never Give Up

Taylor, a 17 year old with a big dream of becoming a singer.
She goes on the X Factor singing Little Things by her favourite band One Direction. She ends up in all the news papers because of her performance.
What happens when she meets her Idols?
Read to find out..


4. Tea with Destiny

Destiny's P.O.V

I'm going down to Barnstaple today to see cousins for a few days, when I get there I'm going out to star bucks for a catch up with Taylor I'm really excited. Even though its a 5 hour drive.

When I got to Devon it was different to what I remember it being, well I was only 8 the last time I came down. We went to my cousins and unpacked our stuff once I was done I went up to Star bucks which was just up the road. When I got there I sat down and waited, I tweeted Taylor saying I was here she said she would be 2 minutes.

I heard someone shout my name, I turned around and Hope and Taylor came running up to me they gave me a big hug. We sat down and ordered 3 smoothies then we just talked about random stuff. Its nice talking to people that are my age because where I live they all live an hour away I have to drive a hour every morning to school because my house is on a farm.

A few hours later Taylor and Hope had to go, wow time flyed fast! we just spoke about X Factor, singing, and One Direction.

Taylor: It was nice seeing you again Destiny I will see you in a few weeks to see if we got through! hopefully we both do:)

Me: yes that would be great if we both got through then I wouldn't feel lonely haha.

Hope: Bye!

I feel like I've known Taylor and Hope for ages!

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