Never Give Up

Taylor, a 17 year old with a big dream of becoming a singer.
She goes on the X Factor singing Little Things by her favourite band One Direction. She ends up in all the news papers because of her performance.
What happens when she meets her Idols?
Read to find out..


5. IM ON TV!

Taylor's P.O.V

We had all my family round and Hope, Noah, Tyler and Toby. Tonight was X Factor the one I was on, I'm so nervous:) I'm ready to see all the hate on twitter:/ or love:)

It started and about 5 people in and it was me, oh I hate seeing myself of TV. I quickly posted on twitter " IM ON X FACTOR RIGHT NOW EVERYONE TURN OVER AND WATCH IT! XX " I got loads of favourites and retweets and a few follows already and I hadn't even performed yet. Then I was singing and I hate seeing videos of me singing, I don't know why.

I finished performing and in the audience some people were crying, I didn't see that when I was up there singing. I went on twitter after that and the official X Factor twitter account followed me then tweeted saying " Who enjoyed @ OfficialTMay audition? made you cry? then follow her! and tell her how good she is! "

I had so many new follows and loads of tweets from loads of people! by the end of the night I had 1,389 followers I only had 200 before.

I watched Xtra Factor after that and it was my interview with Caroline Flack then they showed bits of my audition again. I had even more followers after that because they mentioned my twitter and told everyone to follow me. I went bed early that night after everyone went home.

In the morning I woke up from 5 texts from Noah and Hope was ringing me, I picked up.

me: Hello?


me: no I only just got up why?


she then hung up.

I checked my twitter and I had a tweet from NIALL JAMES FUCKING HORAN!

" @OfficialTMay is amazing! cant believe we are her idols! she is amazing cant wait to meet her:) voting her all the way! " I screamed and ran downstairs to show everyone.

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