Dear diary

'Dear diary, I think I'm in love
He's so good looking and when he smiles at me I go speechless and don't know what to do, help me!'

This Is Emma, she's just turnt 18 and hasn't yet experienced love before until today, she thinks. Is she really in love with this boy or is it just a crush? Is he the Prince Charming she wants him to be or will he just break he heart?? Read on to find out


2. The Party

The party was in full swing by the time Matthew had walked in, I had been staring at him near enough the whole time since he came in. Urgh why is he so good looking? He would never in a million years fall for me. I'm 5'3, have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm so boring. Well I do have purple dip dye but that's.not something I was born with. I don't have the biggest bum or the biggest boobs and I don't have the flattest stomach, I don't mind but I bet he will.

I'm so scared.

I'm so scared that if he talks to me he could pie me off to talk to some other girl and I would be humiliated at my own party and that's so embarrassing.

However he could actually really like me and we could get on really well and he coulda the kiss me and I could maybe kiss him back...

Hmph. That won't ever happen to me. I'm not that lucky.

As I was saying (I always go of track) the party was at it's best and we had started to play some games like spin the bottle, suck and blow, pass the ice cube, that sort of stuff and at that point we started with suck and blow. This is the game were you NEED to be next to a person you like or fancy otherwise the games just shit. I got to pick who was playing and if people I wanted to join in could. So some of my girl friends joined in and some of my brothers mates. Then OMG Matthew said he wanted to join in. My heart was pounding soo fast but I didn't let it get to me so I acted cool and said he can join.

We played a few rounds and a few of my mates got to kiss the boys they like and I could see the smiles they gave me afterwards. They were loving it. However on this game I was first and i was standing next to Matthew and one of my girl mates. I passed it to my friend first and it was first got to Matthew. My heart was beating really fast and as he got passed it, it came off his mouth and he kissed me. He actually kissed me! It was only for a second but I loved it. His lips were soft and they were wet. I couldn't believe it. However outside I just laughed and pretended that nothing happened even though in my body I was jumping for joy. Now I've really fallen for him and I don't think able to get back up. <3

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