Dear diary

'Dear diary, I think I'm in love
He's so good looking and when he smiles at me I go speechless and don't know what to do, help me!'

This Is Emma, she's just turnt 18 and hasn't yet experienced love before until today, she thinks. Is she really in love with this boy or is it just a crush? Is he the Prince Charming she wants him to be or will he just break he heart?? Read on to find out


3. The End Of The Night

Now I know I haven't known him for very long and this shouldn't be happening but I can't believe I got to kiss him and he gave me a cheeky smile afterwards and I gave him a little smile even though I just wanted to snog his face off.

The end of my birthday became nearer and nearer and I wish it could just be like this forever at this moment in time. So I've had quite a few drinks as I've become a little tipsy. By little I mean absolutely fucked. -_o

Most of my friends have gone by this point and were probably in cabs pissed out of there mind just like me. The only people that were left were lily, holly, jaz, Ames, megzie, Abbie, Ellie, Chloe, my brother, about 10 of his mates and of course Matthew. I wasn't going to let him slip away that easily without getting to know him more

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