Dear diary

'Dear diary, I think I'm in love
He's so good looking and when he smiles at me I go speechless and don't know what to do, help me!'

This Is Emma, she's just turnt 18 and hasn't yet experienced love before until today, she thinks. Is she really in love with this boy or is it just a crush? Is he the Prince Charming she wants him to be or will he just break he heart?? Read on to find out


4. Matt Is The One

So now my birthday is completely over, I sat there and just skimmed over the day in my head. It was a fairly good birthday. I had a cake, my Friends came round and also got me. Giant cake which had the words 'happy birthday gobby' because I'm soo loud when I want to be and they bought me the most amazing presents, I got a Swarovski necklace with my name written on it in italics, crystal earrings, Chanel perfume, the lot. They must have spent a small FORTUNE. I loves my girls to bits .

One of the other amazing bits to my night was the party. As you already know diary it was where I met Matthew. Did I already say he was gorgeous?? Anyway I was sitting there in my front room while every one was still getting pissed in my dining room and playing beer pong a strange thought came over me?

What If I ask Matthew if he would ever go out with me.

I didn't know what I was doing and where I was really going with this but I went with my gut and it was tellingly to go for it!

So I go into the dining room where everyone is and ask Matthew to come over. I gustier him to come with me and he points at himself as to ask if I wanted him and I nodded.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I think I'm going to fuck this up so badly but at least if he pies me off now I won't regret talking to him until the morning and the humiliation would have all gone away buy then anyway.

So I sit down on the sofa that I was suiting on earlier and told him to come sit to me but he wasn't having none of it and gave me a cheeky smile and sat on one of the many armchairs that surround my bloody house. I decided that this would be a good idea fore to sit on his lap. So I proceed to get up from where I was sitting to go and sit on his lap. He grinned at me so I grinned back and the started to ask him about his previous relationships. He told me that they where all nice at first but the girls became too controlling and he couldn't handle it anymore. I sympathised with him the best I could and gave a h a friendly hug. I think he held on for a little too long to be just a friendly hug but I'm not one to judge.

I asked him what I think would happen if me and him would ever get serious and he turned my head so my right ear was against his lips and he whispered slowly to me 'we'll just have to wait and see what happens babe' I then looked at my hands and smiled. He gently bramg up my face with his hand and passionately kissed me. I had goosebumps it was that amazing. He then retracted the kiss, gave me a hug, and said that he would come round to see me again, I smiled down at my hands again and he lifted up my chin and kissed my nose then left with his mates. It was the cutest and most incredible thing that could ever happen to me.

I thought I was dreaming. If I was I would have never have woken up.

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