One Direction Imagines and Short Stories


2. Fight With Liam

You and Liam had never had a bigger fight. It wasn't really about anything, but you ended up crying and going home without saying goodbye.

You phone rang after you had been crying for about an hour. When you saw it was Niall you felt a bit better, because he was your best friend. "Hi, Iris." You said with a small smile. "Hey.. So.. Liam says he doesn't want to preform tonight. Did you guys have a fight..?" His voice was soft. You knew Liam to well, so you knew that he wouldn't let his fans down by not preforming, so you didn't really bother to say anything about that part. "Yeah.. We had a fight.. But-" You took a deep breath so you wouldn't start crying.

"You need to get down here. He is not himself." Niall's voice faded a bit. You sighed. "Ok. I'm on my way."

*In the dressing room"

"Babe.?" You walked over to Liam where he sat in a chair with his head on his knees. "I'm sorry." You put your arms around him and pulled him close. He put down his legs and took his arms around you. Before you knew it you sat on his lap. "No." He mumbled. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you." He kissed you. "I have an idea." You said into his ear. "Let's never fight like that again.. Well.. Unless it means we'll have a makeup date that is." You winked at him, which made him burst out laughing.

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