One Direction Imagines and Short Stories


1. Concert and Harry

Everything I post will be my own stories. If they aren't, I will put author at the end.

Sorry for any wrong written words.

Enjoy! xx

Harry and you have been married for two years. He has to bring your son on tour because you had to work so much.

Liam sends you a picture of Harry holding your one year old son, with the text; "The boys have been in the sun all day. They are missing you like crazy! Why don't we give them the best surprise ever!? xx" Liam had bought you plain ticket so you could come surprise the two boys you love more than anything.

*Plain landed* You see Liam and give him a big hug. Liam tells you the plan.

*That night at the concert* While Niall is talking Liam interrupts and says he has a surprise for Harry. Liam goes backstage while the rest of the boys are left like question-marks. Liam brings you out on stage and Harry breaks down crying and gives you a quick kiss on the lips and raps you up in a tight hug. "I missed you so so much." He whispers in your ear. "I love you." Harry pulls away and takes your hands and looks you deep in the eyes. "I love you so so much, Harry. I missed you."

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