Eleanor's Anorexia Story

Eleanor's life living as a model was perfect. She could eat anything she wanted whenever she wanted until the day she found a website all about being fat. It said many fake things, therefor frightening things of being fat. This scared Eleanor, however she decided she'd way herself on the scales as she hasn't checked in a rather long time. This was not what Eleanor expected. It was only a few pounds over what Eleanor wished but all Eleanor saw was a chubby women in the mirror. Eleanor was then diagnosed with Anorexia and Louis did everything he could to help but it was so easy to get away with stuff, until one day it's too late...


4. The rush to the hospital!


I opend the door and it creeked open. I stood in our bedroom and saw Eleanor lying in bed falling asleep. She was still beautiful, although didn't see it in herself. "Hey babes." I whispered, I sat beside her and waited for a reply. "Hi beautiful." She answerd, I cleared my throught and kissed gently on the for head. "Louis," she began. "I'm worthless - you don't need me! Look at me. I'm not eating not drinking; I'm starving myself." She informed me.

"Eleanor. Your too errisastable! How could I ever leave you?" I questioned her. She stared up at me and casted a week smile. I was telling her the truth now - I didn't wan't her to leave, or chuck me out. I love her.


-Days later- (Eleanor'sPOV)

Maybe it seemed like I was forgetting about the terrible facts, as a result to me not eating. In a nutshell it didn't stop me thinking about it. I was in the lounge one day and I glared around the room, I eventurly then spotted my laptop. I edged it closer to me and tried to pick it up, I really hadn't got the energy.

I finally managed to get on my laptop. When google flashed up it said: 

-Recommeded web sights- I scanne websites and came across the website I went on months ago. Chewing my bottom lip, gazing around slowly I clicked it. This time, there was more! More facts and warnings about being fat. I tried to egnore it, consequently I couldn't - I kept reading and reading.

I pulled my hair and chewed my nails and tugged on my clothes. I just felt it wasant worth it. I had no one. Suddenely, I remeberd what a caring boyfriend I had who wanted me to stay, so I reached for my phone and scrolled down to contacts and quickely searched Louis. It rang and Louis' sweet voise answered at the other line of the phone. 

"BABE!!!"  I yelled down the phone in such fright and anger.

"Eleanor, is that you? What's wrong?" Louis panaced. I sniffed.

"The website (theres more!) I feel helpless." I worried. Before could blink, Louis hung up...




Then within 5 minuites of pain Louis arrived at the door and hobbled into the room where I lay. "Babe! Babe, c'mon, you're coming with me!" Louis orderd. He lifted me into a cradle and rushed to the car, where we zoomed of. "Babe, we need to see what's happening!" Louis said. 

"Were going to the hospital?" I asked. Louis nodded and finally we were there. We dashed into the reception

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