Eleanor's Anorexia Story

Eleanor's life living as a model was perfect. She could eat anything she wanted whenever she wanted until the day she found a website all about being fat. It said many fake things, therefor frightening things of being fat. This scared Eleanor, however she decided she'd way herself on the scales as she hasn't checked in a rather long time. This was not what Eleanor expected. It was only a few pounds over what Eleanor wished but all Eleanor saw was a chubby women in the mirror. Eleanor was then diagnosed with Anorexia and Louis did everything he could to help but it was so easy to get away with stuff, until one day it's too late...


2. Telling Louis-EleanorsPOV-

I slumped myself carelessly onto the sofa and lay there waiting patiently for Louis to return home.

He eventurly returned. I heard the gingerling keys stick through the door to unlock it. "Hey babe! I'm home." Louis yelled. "I bought something for you." He laughed. He hobbeld into the living room struggling with all the plastic bags he had in his hands. He layed them down on the floor and searched through all the bags. It seemed like he was scavenging for food, but really he apparently he had a surprise for me. "What you got for me, Lou?" I asked. He pulled it out. I sat up and flicked my trembeling hair behind me. "Chocolate cake! Your favourite." He teased, I tried to put on a fake laugh, however I itched my head and sighed. Louis smile dropped  he saw me in such depression and fear. "Babes. Are you alright?" He came and lied with me on the wide comfy sofa and he stroked my head gently. "Well..." I began. Louis continued to stroke my head and listen carefully. "I was on the internet as you are and come across this terrible sight. All about being fat. God, you should of seen the things what happen to you." I explained. Louis hugged me tight and let go. "Well, babe, why are you worried? Your slim and perfect to me, there's no need to fear." He comfeted me. Louis was so presious to me, what would I do without him?

"It's just I weighed myself on the scales not long ago, and I have put weight on." I sobbed resting my head in my hands. "But babes, remember what I said to you? Your gorgeous! No one can stop that." Louis pointed out to me. I suddenly remeberd the words he says to me every night. "All I see is a chubby women in the mirror with the most  brilliant boyfriend." I told him. Louis wiped the salty tear away and gently kissed me on the cheek. "Babe. I dunno what to say. You shouldn't believe all this stuff and think your chubby. Now come on, show me that sight." He said gracefully to me. He put his arm around me resting his head on my shoulder. I tiped rapidly and clicked the first sight that appeared on the suggestions. "Babe, there." I pointed to him. Louis scanned through the pages pulling a death stare. He glared at me for a while. "Hang on. I'm ringing Liam." He told me...

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