Eleanor's Anorexia Story

Eleanor's life living as a model was perfect. She could eat anything she wanted whenever she wanted until the day she found a website all about being fat. It said many fake things, therefor frightening things of being fat. This scared Eleanor, however she decided she'd way herself on the scales as she hasn't checked in a rather long time. This was not what Eleanor expected. It was only a few pounds over what Eleanor wished but all Eleanor saw was a chubby women in the mirror. Eleanor was then diagnosed with Anorexia and Louis did everything he could to help but it was so easy to get away with stuff, until one day it's too late...


3. Liam to the rescue!


I scrolled down to contacts and searched Liam. It rang and I prayed for him to answer.

"Hello." I said.

"Hi, Louis." Liam replied. I cleared my throat.

"Your good at hacking into stuff aren't, you?" I asked while I looked at the dreadful sight Eleanor left on. "Yeah mate, why?" Liam declared.

"Just, Eleanor showed me this sight all about being fat and she is scared out of her mind what could happen to her, so please come to mine and hack into it?" I desperately asked him.

"Of corse mate, anything for you and Eleanor - I'll be right there!" Before I could say another word Liam hung up. "Babes, what's happening? What did you ask Liam?" Eleanor asked me. I leaned right over to her and picked her up. "Liam is coming to take that sight down and were gonna ring the police about it, some of that crap is so false. You shouldn't believe any of that." I told her kissing her on the head. "Oh Louis. Your just... I can't even put you into words because of how beautiful and kind you are." She complemented me.

Within minuiets of waiting we heard a knock on the door and I dashed to it to let Liam in.


Louis let me in politely and I headed to the lounge where Eleanor sat there scared and frightend.

I grabbed the laptop and scanned the facts. "There dreadful. Who would think of doing such as pathetic thing!" I groaned. Louis came and sat next to me. I quickely clicked grasped tiped on the keys and within seconds the sight was of! It was completely blank and Eleanor casted a week smile on her face, "thanks Liam, so much. That's really helped - I couldn't bear look at it anymore." She thanked me.  I passed the laptop to her.

"Happy to help Eleanor. If you need me for anymore hacking then you know where I am." I reminded her. "Best be of. See ya soon than Louis." He saw me out and I headed off.

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