Eleanor's Anorexia Story

Eleanor's life living as a model was perfect. She could eat anything she wanted whenever she wanted until the day she found a website all about being fat. It said many fake things, therefor frightening things of being fat. This scared Eleanor, however she decided she'd way herself on the scales as she hasn't checked in a rather long time. This was not what Eleanor expected. It was only a few pounds over what Eleanor wished but all Eleanor saw was a chubby women in the mirror. Eleanor was then diagnosed with Anorexia and Louis did everything he could to help but it was so easy to get away with stuff, until one day it's too late...


1. Eleanor's Shock -EleanorsPOV-

I hadn't really payed attention to my weight. Everybody told me I was skinny and will never get fat. They all said, "no matter what you eat, you'll stay skinny as a twig." If I'm honest I believed them until today. I recently had been eating over the top lately, however I didn't really think much about it. I was model, a beautiful model with a boyfriend. The best boyfriend. Louis told me I was gorgeous every night and said no matter what happens you'll be prefect to me.

One day, I was finally finished photo shooting and kicked back and relaxed on my laptop. I didn't even know I was looking for it; I suddenly came across it.

'What happens when you become fat.'

The title glared up at me timidly. I clicked on it for no reason just seeing what would happen. These are the things I came across:

"If you eat too much butter and cut your self butter will burst out."

"You will stop breathing and everyone will hate on you."

"Your heart will be coverd in thick layers of fat and will be unable to work so it will stop beating."

There was even more, therefor I couldn't bear to read anymore of it. I rested my head in my hands and thought hard to what I had recently been eating. Smuthering and layering my toast in butter every morning and night, eating pizza for dinner a bit to often and eating cake and chocolate loads! I suddenly went silent, I heard my heart thump dramaticly and loudly. I scanned those few paragraphs again and again and again. At this point the sentences and facts were stuck in my head about being fat. At the time I should of knew they were fake.

I stumbled up the stairs scurrieng like a mouse and cluthching tightly onto the rail. It felt hard to pull my own weight up the stairs for a few miniets. This time I really was in shock and anxiety. I dashed to the bathroom where the scales lived. I tugged them out the cupboard they were in and switched them on. I took deep breathes slowly and carefully.

I was exhausted although I couldn't think straight. I stepped on stairing to the plain bear ceiling for a moment and left it a miniute to beep. I glared down and the screen. The answer was completely unexpected. It was only a few pounds over what I wished, therefore I classed pounds such a big deal! I was speechless. I knew Louis loved me, however he'd hate me for this. I didn't think of the words he said to me - Telling me I was gorgeous every night and saying no matter what happens or how old you are, you'll be perfect to me.


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