Eleanor's Anorexia Story

Eleanor's life living as a model was perfect. She could eat anything she wanted whenever she wanted until the day she found a website all about being fat. It said many fake things, therefor frightening things of being fat. This scared Eleanor, however she decided she'd way herself on the scales as she hasn't checked in a rather long time. This was not what Eleanor expected. It was only a few pounds over what Eleanor wished but all Eleanor saw was a chubby women in the mirror. Eleanor was then diagnosed with Anorexia and Louis did everything he could to help but it was so easy to get away with stuff, until one day it's too late...


5. Diagnosed With Anorexia


We hobbled timidly over to the desk where a lady with her hair in a bun and the computer in her face was. "Hi, could we book an apointment please?" Louis asked polietly.

"Yes, young man - When for?" The lady said.

"Now. It's kind of ergant..." Louis informed them. The lady scrolled down to docters on her computer and searched for the ones free. She scanned quickely and carefully at the screen. "Nurse Amy is free. She will be coming out to take any patient in just a second; would you like to wait here?" She suggested pointed to two chairs next to us. 

Within minuites I noticed a tall blonde lady padd along the floor to the waiting room we were in. "Next please?" She said. Me and Louis stood up, therefor I had trouble getting up. I gasped for air and edged myself up, although I couldn't do. I heaved and wriggeld up finally maganing it. Louis grabbed my hand and sqoze it tight - I felt loved and rested my head on his shoulder while we walked. Eventurly we were there. We sat down and started to talk about my problem. 

"So darling. What do we have here?" She seemed pretty nice and looked like she could cure this problem of mine with a couple of tablets, however what was coming to hit was not what I expected. "My girlfriend is a model, she's perfect as a result to her looks, personality and much more, but she came across a website which said many fake things about being fat. Eleanor had been eating a little over the top, so it gained her a few pounds. This worried her and has stopped eating and drinking for months. I have tried everything, therefore nothing has helped so we came to you." Louis explained carefully and seriously, he tried not to cry as he wanted to be brave for me. 



Later after being through paper works, chatting about it more in detail and how muced have changed "Nurse Amy" had found the problem after searching on her computer taking blood and measuring much more of me she had an answer to this. " Well, Eleanor. Your problem might never stop.. Only if you take these pills. They help you and make you become hungry and thirsty - It helps you krave food and will tempt you to go and explore in the cupboards." She started. I nodded as if I understood. " However I'm afraid we have a big problem. You have Anorexia, do you know what this is?" The nurse asked. As soon as the word "Anorexia" was mentioned Louis had started to sqeeze my hand tight. I was speechless and nodded in horror to her...

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