In love with my best friend| DISCONTINUED|

My name is Ariana, I'm best friends with Liam Payne, but to be honest I really want to be more, I really like Liam, he doesn't feel the same though, he's dating Sophia and he's always with her, I've tried to put my feelings aside, to ignore them but I just can't. Since Liam started dating Sophia we've been drifting apart, and I'm afraid that one day even our friendship will be gone and one day completely forget me, but that probably won't happen...right?
This fan fiction is dedicated to @Ariana A.


7. Chapter seven.

2 years later

Ariana's POV

"I'm so excited!!!" I screamed.

"I know. I feel like I'm gonna pass out!!" Maria, my best friend screamed back.

We were going to a One Direction concert, and we were both so happy, we would finally get to see them live!!! Liam is obviously my favourite, he's just perfect, but he's dating Sophia, sadly, he's been dating her, for I think 2 or 3 years now, it really is unfair, but it isn't like I ever had a real chance with him anyway.

Liam's POV

We were on stage in 10 minutes. I just remembered that it was Ariana's birthday, I miss her so much, and I don't eve know if she's still alive, or where she is, or what she's doing, or if she still remembers me, or thinks about me, or if she even knows I exist. It's unbelievable how things have changed in the past years, I wonder how it would be if I didn't leave.

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