In love with my best friend| DISCONTINUED|

My name is Ariana, I'm best friends with Liam Payne, but to be honest I really want to be more, I really like Liam, he doesn't feel the same though, he's dating Sophia and he's always with her, I've tried to put my feelings aside, to ignore them but I just can't. Since Liam started dating Sophia we've been drifting apart, and I'm afraid that one day even our friendship will be gone and one day completely forget me, but that probably won't happen...right?
This fan fiction is dedicated to @Ariana A.


5. Chapter five

He ran through the halls, turning his head, left, then right, looking for the rooms number, his brain couldn't process what was going on, he had just woken up! The moment he saw the room 126 he ran over, as fast as he could. Opening the door, he walked in, to see her, her face was pale, she looked like a ghost. The constant beep of the monitor, kept reminding him, that this was real, it was happening, it wasn't another dream. He sat down, letting all the tears fall freely down his face, he didn't want to believe this, but he had no choice. He just wanted to wake up again, and everything to be fine, but he knew that life didn't work like that, he had no choice but to sit here, helplessly watching his best friends life drain out of her. He couldn't do anything, that's what hurt him the most...




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