dis be mah lurve storee

So basically this is supposed to be a 'ratchet' story. Written very stupendously on purpose. Hope you have a good laugh. Or not. Oops.


2. zen luvs meh

how menee stiles can hairy styles style if harreh    styles  could styles hair stilez

i liek kitties. an em and emz. like mah nem.

i want 2 go 2 starbuckz yes yes. i am goin 2 sstarbuxks nw.

zxasdcfvbgnhmj,kdfssdfrt56y7 oopsies poopies i fellll asleepz.

"beb i luv u" zen tolled me. i shun him awey bc sweg.

"BUT I LOVE HAIRY" i exsplained.

"rlly?" heiry asked and i told him "yas"

"ooh bby u look nize" niel said licking hiz lips liek he now eat food.

"ooh ooh yas bb" i siad strutting apose 4 him.

"lets hav secks" he said



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