dis be mah lurve storee

So basically this is supposed to be a 'ratchet' story. Written very stupendously on purpose. Hope you have a good laugh. Or not. Oops.


3. chicken licken gud

"alalalalalalalalalaa" i snag az i jump in swimmin pool. it waz lewi's pole.

"lewis lets go skinny dipping" i say

"but what abot neil"

"ew he nasteh"

"but u 2 r datin"

"but i dun liek him"

"lesibi honest, who do u like"

"u louise, i luv u bb"


den louise grab meh

"lets kiggle 2gether"


lewi den kiggled me


"kiggle harder bb"

loew grunted in frustration 



lewi kiggled me until he couldnt talk

"yas i kiggle gud bb"


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