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We all have to admit that we have had a crush on Jace or Alec or even Simon at least once before. Or have you ever wanted to team up with Isabelle and deafete a greater demon? If so this is the place for you. just leave the information the first chapter says to in the comments section and we will write a chapter with your imagine in it.


2. clary-mofo-tbci

 "Hurry up," Izzy said, leading me and the other Clary into a small church just outside of Brooklyn. Things had been pretty weird around the Institute since Clary Fray had came. I had a little crush on Jace, and after the first day he saw her he was oblivious to anything I had to say. Then he told Izzy that he loved Clary, and she thought he meant me, and told me that. She was the only one that knew about my "crush". In the end everything was solved but Clary and I haven't really ever gotten along. 

  Then Maryse wants Isabelle and I to start taking her along with us whenever a sensor detects demonic activity. 

  I catch up to Isabelle and we take the lead, with the other Clary walking behind us cautiously. Alec didn't give her much to protect herself, except a small knife, whereas Izzy and I are weighed down with weapons everywhere. Despite the fact that I dont really like Clary I feel bad for her because she also doesnt have as many protecting runes, and I give her a mace, that was hanging from my belt.

  She takes it greatfully, but it's obvious that she doesn't know what to do with it.

  "You swing it," I say and demonstrate on a nearby oak tree. The spikey ball on the end of the chain leaves a fist size imprint on the poor tree. I hand it back to her, and catch up with Izzy, who is tracing a lock breaking rune into the door. It swings open, revealing a dusty old room, with a few isles of fold up chairs, and an alter. Clary steps in and takes a look at the place.

  "Thank god, my mother never made me go to church." she says. Izzy nods her head in agreement. She flicks her whip out of her sleeve, and it  cracks sending dust up. 

  "Let's just find this thing and go." I say walking around. I pull my bow off my back and load it with an arrow. I look back to see that Izzy, has taken the other end of the church.

  "Could it be outsi-Clary run!" I yell and let my arrow fly above her head, as a dark shape surrounds her. It goes through of what would be the stomach of a demon, if it were a solid.This one if made out of smoke.

  "Izz, what is it?" I yell, but somehow manage to keep my voice sounding calm.

  "It's an Iblis demon. We larned about them the day you fell asleep in class. Aim for the eyes! And don't breath the gas!"

  "Got that," Clary says wheezing from behind me. She attempts to through her knife at it, but it goes through effortlessly and clatters to the ground. "Well, that didn't work." 

  "Yeah," I agree, and shoot an arrow at it's head. It misses by an inch, but Izzy's whip comes around and takes out the eye instead. 

  "Nice." I say, and shoot again. It lands in the already damaged eye, and the Iblis demon makes a shrieking sound. Clary runs in and attacks it with her mace, and manages to hit the other eye, but the gas was affecting her. 

 She screamed as it turns her skin a sickly color. Before it could kill her I ran in front and knocked her out, then shot it other eye.

  "Thanks," she says and raps her arm around me in a hug that shows she is hurt. Behind me the Iblis demon shrieks, and withers away into a black sand storm, that fades into the wind outside. 


***Hope you like it! Chapter done by, Isabelle Lightwood.***

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