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We all have to admit that we have had a crush on Jace or Alec or even Simon at least once before. Or have you ever wanted to team up with Isabelle and deafete a greater demon? If so this is the place for you. just leave the information the first chapter says to in the comments section and we will write a chapter with your imagine in it.


3. Annabeth Chase

  The door to the crappy coffee shop that Simon likes swings open as Jace and Clary walk through, and I wave to them from our booth seat. 

  "Finally you guys show up." Simon, my annoying vampire boyfriend, says as they sit down. 

  "We're here on time. You said six thirty and it's six twenty eight, vampire." Jace says.

  "Well we've been here for a half an hour." 

  "That's your fault."

  "What ever." SImon says, and sits back in his seat. 

  A girl around our age, asks us what we would like.

  "Black, for me." Clary says.

  "Same here." Jace orders.

  "Um, I guess I'll have the same." I say

  "Well, since your all getting that. I wouldn't want to ruin the streak, so just get me what their having. Oh, and lot's of sugar. Like, this much." Simon says, making a fist. She raises her eye brows, but goes and gets them anyway.

  "Why so much sugar?" Clary asks.

  "It improves the taste." he says, but he doesn't drink it anyway. 

  "Okay then." I say, but am interupted from saying anything else, by a small beep coming from Jace's pocket. 

 He pulls out his sensor and presses a few buttons before his head whips around. Standing on the counter is an oversized Ravener demon. On sight, Jace and I both have our weapons out, and are standing up, along with Simon. It takes a second for Clary to get her arm length knife out of her coat, because she is new at the whole Shadowhunter thing. 

 Jace slowly walks over, and slices at the demon, but it's long tail comes close to his face, and he jumps back. Simon and Clary stand helplessly, not knowing how to defeat the thing, but I am scribbling a protection rune on my arm, then run over and help Jace up. 

 "Hmm. Do I want to attack it's poisonous swinging tail, or it's poisonous snapping jaws?" I ask sarcastically.

  "The choice is yours," he says and goes right for it's back. He stabs, but it's tough skin protects it. I run to it's tail, and with my sword, successfully slice it off.

  "Whooooo!" Simon cheers for me, and I flash him a smile. Jace reaches under the Ravener and stabs him in the chest, and I join him. The Ravener dissolves into black sand.

 "I think it's best we leave now." Simon says taking my hand.

 On the way out the door, he stops me. "You're a pretty good fighter, you know." He says taking my face in his hands.

 "Well, duh." I say, and get on my tiptoes. He leans in and kisses me. And I kiss him back.


***Hope you like it. Chapter done by Isabelle Lightwood.***

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