The Life of Niall Horan's Twin Sister


4. Chapter 4

Harry's Pov

Liam just ran into his room after Laura and Hayes said that they are dating. Could Liam be jealous? I went after him. I knocked on the door. He said, "Come in." I walked in and closed the door behind me. I said, "Liam what's up with you?" He said, "I I just can't believe that Laura is dating Hayes! It's not fair! She is supposed to be dating me!" I said, "What?" Liam said, "I have liked Laura since the day I met her, okay?" I said, "WHAT?" Liam said, "I love Laura. Alright? I love her. And I always will. But now she has Hayes so I know I am out of the picture." I didn't realize that Laura had been standing there the whole time. Laura said, "What the hell was that Liam?" Liam stood there in shock. I said, "Well this is awkward." Then Laura ran out of the room.

Niall's Pov

Laura went to go see what was wrong with Liam. She yelled, "What the hell was that Liam?" Hayes said, "What was that?" I said, "I don't know but you better let me handle whatever it is." Then I saw her run upstairs. I ran after her. She slammed her door before I could get to her. I knocked on the door. I said, "Laura. Open the door." She said, "Who is it?" I said, "You know who it is." She came and opened up the door and her makeup was all messed up and she look like she had been crying. I said, "What happened with Liam Laura?" She said, "Liam said he loved me." I said, "He says that to you everyday." She said, "No like Love Loves me." I said, "Wait so you're saying Liam has a crush on you?" She said, "Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying. And now he is all pissed because I am dating Hayes." I said, "Laura, that's crazy. Liam could never be mad at you." Laura said, "Oh he's mad. I could tell by the tone in his voice." Then there was a knock on the door. I went and opened it. It was Nash. I said, "Laura. It's Nash. Do you wanna talk to him about it?" She said, "Yea." I said, "I will leave you to it. Good luck."

Laura's Pov

I was talking to Niall then someone knocked on the door. It was Nash. Niall left so I could talk to Nash alone. Nash said, "Alright spill it. What happened?" I said, "Liam said he loves me. Like love loves me." He said, "So Li wants to date you?" I said, "Yep. And now he's mad because I'm dating Hayes." I could feel the waterworks coming again. Then Nash hugged me and said, "Just let it all out." I burst into tears. I cried for like 10 minutes. All this crying can't be healthy. After I stopped crying Nash said, "Let's fix you up all nice and pretty." I said, "Okay." Nash said, "Do you want me to do it?" I said, "You know makeup?" He said, "Of course. With friends like mine you learn a few things." So Nash did my makeup and picked out an outfit for me to wear, so I could get out of my uniform. After I was all ready we went downstairs and I sat next to Hayes. Hayes said, "You okay babe?" I said, "Yea. I think so." He said, "You look gorgeous by the way." Then Niall came in the living room and said, "You all good?" I said, "I think so." Niall said, "That's good." Then I said, "Where's Li?" Everyone else just kinda looked around the room. I said, "Where the fuck is Liam?" Jade said, "Well um. He might be in the hospital." I said, "Why?" Perrie said, "He overdosed after he saw how sad it made you when he admitted that he loves you." I said, "LIAM OVERDOSED? Oh my god is he gonna live?" Louis said, "Yea. He just has to get his stomach pumped and he will be all good. We just have to make sure he doesn't do it again." I said, "And if he does do it again?" Matt said, "He will have serious problems. With him only having one kidney his life span isn't as long as the rest of us." I said, "How are we supposed to keep him from doing it again?" Jack J said, "There isn't any guarantee that we can." I said, "Will someone just take me to see him?" Hayes said, "I will take you." Niall and Nash said, "We'll go too." We got in the car and drove to the hospital. Hayes drove and I was in the front seat with him. He was holding my hand the whole time to keep me calm.

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