The Life of Niall Horan's Twin Sister


3. Chapter 3

Hayes's Pov

Today has been horrible for Laura. I feel so bad for her. I really wanna ask her out, but all this stuff with Zach has made her really upset. But she seemed happy after the home video that had her parents in it. Maybe I should ask her. I said, "Hey, Laura can I talk to you in private?" She said, "Sure. Lets go up to my room." She took me up to her room and we sat on her bed. She said, "What did you wanna talk to me about Hayes?" Her eyes were sparkling and she just looked amazing. I lost my train of thought. I said, "Um. Well I was wondering if you wanted to um, go out with me." She said, "Yes Hayes I will go out with you. It took you long enough to ask me." I said, "Wait what? What do you mean it took me long enough?" She said, "I know you have like me since the eighth grade. Nash told me." I said, "Oh. Why didn't you say anything?" She said, "Because I wanted you to tell me yourself." Then she kissed me. Well that was fast. Why didn't I get the guts to ask Laura out sooner? She's perfect. Then we stopped kissing and went back downstairs so everyone wouldn't think something was going on.

Laura's Pov

Hayes just asked me out. I'm so happy. Hayes is perfect. He has liked me since the eighth grade. He has never dated any other girl. He didn't want his chances with me to get smaller by him dating another girl. When we got downstairs Niall said, "Why you so happy Laura?" I said, "Oh you know." Niall said, "I know what?" Hayes said, "Me and Laura are dating." Niall said, "Oh really?" Hayes said, "Yea. Is there a problem with that?" Niall said, "No. I just didn't expect it. Well, I mean all of us have known for a while now. We just didn't think you would actually go through with it." I said, "That's what I said when he did it." Hayes said, "Hey! Don't be mean to me." I said, "We aren't being mean baby. We are playing around." He said, "But boo it hurts my feelings." I said, "I'm sorry baby." Then Liam stormed into his room. I wonder what's up with him. Harry ran after him. That was a little weird. Oh well. Me and Hayes went over to the couch and joined everybody else and watched the movie. After a little while I went to check on Li.

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