The Life of Niall Horan's Twin Sister


2. Chapter 2

Justin's Pov

I never thought Laura could get so scared. When Zach burst through the door she froze. Zach started cussing at her calling her a whore and a cunt and a slut. I can't believe anyone would call her that. She is my little angel. She is as pure as a new born. After Zach left Laura couldn't stop crying. Everyone tried to calm her down but nothing worked. Zach is a fucking messed up dude. How could anyone make a woman cry. I just held Laura in my arms trying to calm her down. After a while she had fallen asleep in my lap. She looked so peaceful. Then Niall screamed and woke Laura up. Laura looked scared. I said, "Laura, it was just Niall." She said, "Oh okay." Then Hayes came in and said, "Oh Laura's awake." Laura got up and went over to Hayes. Laura said, "What is everybody else doing?" Hayes said, "Watching scary movies." Laura said, "And no one woke me up? Y'all know I love scary movies!" Hayes said, "Then lets go watch them." Laura and Hayes started walking out the door. Laura said, "Are you coming Justin?" I said, "Yea. In a minute." She said , "Okay." Then went with Hayes to the living room. I got a call from my girlfriend Ariana. She wants me to come over. I went to the living room and told everyone goodbye and then went to Ariana's house.

Laura's Pov

Today has been very interesting. Zach finally got arrested! I'm just hangin out with all my friends. Hayes told me we were watching scary movies but then out of no where a video of me, Niall, Conner, Paul, Madison, and Perrie when we were 2 years old popped up. We were watching Teletubbies. We were so cute back then. I was laying on Niall's back, Madison was on Paul's back, and Perrie was on Conner's back. We were all so close then. But you know things change. Oh well. I said, "Alright, who put this up?" Hayes said, "Guilty as charged!" I said, "Hayes! Where did you get this?" Niall said, "From me. I thought it would be a cute memory to make things happy." I said, "Well it is very cute Niall. But where did you find it?" Niall said, "I have always had it. It's the piece I kept to help us remember mom and dad." I said, "Awww Niall. You kept this and I kept moms locket." Then my mom and dad came up on the screen. Hayes said, "Laura. You're mom was so pretty." I said, "Yea. She really was." I was so close to crying. All the memories just started flooding back. Of course everyone was looking at me. I said, "What? Can't a girl get emotional about her deceased parents?" Then Hayes hugged me and said, "It's okay if you wanna cry." I just sat in his arms and cried for like 20 minutes. I've never really thought about mom and dad until today. I always act like nothing ever happened with them. Hayes said, "Laura. It's okay. It's good to cry. But don't cry so much. I hate seeing you cry." I stopped crying and said, "Okay Hayes." Then my phone rang. I wonder who it could be pretty much everybody is here. I looked at the caller ID and it said Koala. It's Dalton. I answered and said, "Hey DaltDalt." He said, "Hey. I heard what happened today." I said, "Yea. Zach is just a jerk. I'm used to it. But he is in jail so yea." He said, "Okay. Do you want me to come over?" I said, "Well, not to be mean or anything but I already have a bunch of people over here. I'm sorry." He said, "It's okay. I gtg. Love you. Bye" I said, "Love you too Koala, bye."

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