could this be real?

a fourteen year old girl named candice gets two tickets to a 1D concert! since 1d is not going to where she lives she is flying down to AZ for it. she takes one of her good friends. there something very unexpected happens.


1. my background story.

Candice's POV

Alright, hiii guys! my name is Candice! im 14 a HUGE directioner and live in nevada! i moved to nevada about 2 yrs ago from AZ. it was a really hard move and im still not fitting in like i would like to. when i first moved here i got bullied a while bunch for some of the stupidest reasons. people told me they hated me because the populars hung out with me. the first year i tried to just ignore it and tried to stay positive. then it got worst and i no longer hang out with the populars. i guess i thought that would end the bullies but man was i wrong. i constantly got bullied at school. everyone at school knew i got bullied, but i kept it to myself everywhere else. one of my biggest bullies was my first friend when i moved here. it was really hard to take in that we used to be close.:( so now im in eighth grade. but i dont go to my old school. i am home-schooled and i love it!

last christmas i got 2 one direction concert tickets. since they are doing there stadium tour they are not coming to nevada but i get to fly down to AZ! im so excited! im bringing one of my very best friends Aubrey with me! she lives in Az so its quite convenient! i just cant wait to go!

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