could this be real?

a fourteen year old girl named candice gets two tickets to a 1D concert! since 1d is not going to where she lives she is flying down to AZ for it. she takes one of her good friends. there something very unexpected happens.


3. morning of Concert day!

Candice's POV

i wake up to Aubrey jumping on me and shouting in my face. "THE CONCERT IS TODAY!!!!!" i look at her seriously then scream back with a huge smile on my face, "I KNOW, IM GOING TO DIE OF EXCITEMENT!!!!!" we honestly fangirl all morning long. after about 30 minutes of screaming we catch a whiff of waffles down stairs in the kitchen. we look at each other with a smirk on our face saying "waffles!" we race down stairs into the kitchen were Shannon, Kendall, her older sister Carly and her mom & dad are. they are all sitting at the table eating breakfast. me and Aubrey dish up our plates and sit beside them at the table.

we are all eating when we hear big thumps and groans coming from the wooden staircase. we all look up to see Delaney half asleep coming down the steps. we all burst out laughing, Delaney had slobber dried all up her cheek and her eyes were barely open. Delaney ignores us and dishes up her plate of waffles and sits next to me. after a few more good laughs we let it go since we all know we are all probably looking just as bad as Delaney.

after breakfast Shannon, Kendall, Delaney, Aubrey and I all ho upstairs to hang out. We get up there and we are all sitting around in Shannons room which is covered in pink black white and zebra print. Kendall speaks up and says " guys, we should play Heads up!!" (ellen DeGenerous game of charades) we all agree and begin to play!

its my turn to guess and Shannon is acting the word out. she starts making frog gestures so my first instinct to guess is frog! she shakes her head as in saying no. so then she starts to try to draw something in the air. it all just looked like up and down lines to me. i was totally clueless so i just sat there in awe til the time ran up. she grunts in disappointment. i ask her "what in the world were you acting out??" she looks at me sternly and says "a kangaroo" i laugh a bit because i would of never guessed that! i then ask "what the heck were you trying to draw?" she answers "the sydney opera house!" it then starts to make sense! after everyone went around twice we decided we got bored.

so til lunch we just chilled out and watched like 5 episodes of spongebob squarepants and dance moms. they are there favorite shows!

A/N: sorry the chapters are so short! ill make mg next one long and good!;) thanks for reading ill update hopefully tomorrow!

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