could this be real?

a fourteen year old girl named candice gets two tickets to a 1D concert! since 1d is not going to where she lives she is flying down to AZ for it. she takes one of her good friends. there something very unexpected happens.


4. Getting ready!

Candice's POV

Me and Aubrey sit on her floor with clothes everywhere around us! i mean everywhere on her bookshelf, beanbag, bed, dresser, us! everywhere!! we have been going through clothes for the past 1 hr. we just couldn't chose! so 40 minutes later at 4:30 we finally decided on our outfits. Aubrey wore a white lace tank-top with a black quarter sleeve cardigan over it. she had on a pair of coral high wasted shorts, a bold/chunky gold necklace and black converse. i wore my pink floyd t-shirt with a plaid shirt around my waist jean shorts, boots with peek-a-boo socks.

after we both grabbed a snack we went to find Shannon Kendall and Delaney so we could all walk to starbucks to get some fraps. Aubrey and Shannon got a double chocolatey chip frap and me and Kendall got a vanilla bean frap with three pumps of raspberry because i like to have a strong flavor... Kendall only got two pumps. And Delaney got a Vanilla frap with two pumps of caramel. i also got two cake-pops because i had already gotten hungry. idek i just find my self always hungry.

after we all finished we went to Safeway across the street and bought a bunch of junk food. we each picked out a drink a bag of chips and candy. I got an Arizona Tea a bag of pickle chips and a bag of Twizzlers. Shannon got an Izzie salt and vinegar chips and a snickers bar, Delaney got an Arizona Tea too she also got a bag of salt and vinegar chips but hers where the kettle chips and didnt get any candy, Kendall got a Simply Lemonade skipped the chips and got two milky-way bars, and Aubrey got a Dr. Pepper a bag of regular lays and a King size twix bar. we paid for our things and went back to The triplets house.

it was around 5:15 once we got back. me and Aubrey put on some light make-up and jumped in the car. since we are only 14 Aubreys mom drove us. But she was just going to go eat and shop during the concert. so me and Aubrey would go alone. which i wouldnt have it any other way. i didnt think either if our parents would let us go alone! i mean we are 14 but our parents are super protective!! but we are super mature and responsible for our age so. ya.

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