could this be real?

a fourteen year old girl named candice gets two tickets to a 1D concert! since 1d is not going to where she lives she is flying down to AZ for it. she takes one of her good friends. there something very unexpected happens.


2. Flight-Arrival!

Candice's POV

Right now i am on the plane to AZ! im flying by myself so its a little sketchy... haha! but i sat next to a nice old lady! except the person on my right is currently snoring and slobbering on my shoulder. its quite disgusting. one of the plane attendants came by "would you like a drink ladies?" i said "i'll have a lemonade please?" "sure." she said with a sweet smile. the old lady next to me said "i'm good but thank you for the offer." so thats pretty much the whole excitement of my flight. pretty boring, huh?

i landed in AZ and was swarmed by all my great friends! my friends Aubrey, Kendall, Delaney, and Shannon were all there! as you can tell my life in Az was much better! "CANDICE!!!" they all screamed together! Delaney ran up to me and gave me a huge hug! "Candice ive missed you so much!" Delaney said. Delaney was my very best friend! last year me and her went to Cali together! she got a little jealous when i told her i was going to the concert with Aubrey but she got over it when i said i would stay at her house! All that matters to me right now is that i spend this week wisely and have a great time!! Delaney's mom drove so we all piled in her car! on the way to their house me and Aubrey talked all about how fun the concert will be! we did a bit of fangirling... oops! haha! Then we just caught up on everyones lives! it was small talk but it i loved it! i knew this place was home!

After we got to Delaney's we hung out and watched some Full House episodes! it was kind of a traditional thing me and Delaney did. after about 3 episodes i went over to Aubrey's house to go see there family! oh i forgot to mention Aubrey, Kendall, and Shannon are triplet sisters! But Aubrey is the only directioner! which i dont mind and neither does she! Delaney's and the Triplets families are practically my second families! i spent my childhood at there houses!

im pretty much crapping my pants. because i am seriously going to the ONE DIRECTION CONCERT TOMORROW FREAKING NIGHT! im so uber excited! almost all night me and Aubrey talk about all the fantasy's we wish would happen at the concert! haha even though we know they are just dreams! haha! we still wish they would come true. i talk about how niall will see me from the stage and just have to know who i am! so he sends a body guard over! after the concert we hang out and we fall in love. see what i mean? this is how terribly obsessed we are... Aubrey talks of her "casually" loosing her way at the concert and ends up backstage. where she "accidentally" bumps into harry! you know we all have dreams...

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