Music Feels Better With You🎶 (UnFinished)

Curesed,Impressed, Louis Finds Out He's With The Wrong Girl and the right girl was his best friend What Decision Will he make? Who will he pick to date Find Out
If you read Right about now!.


2. The Girls POV

Dani's POV

Yes , my Name sounds like a boy buttt... Im a girl, im only 20 , im Louis bestfriend But in the inside .. I still like or ... Love him, but I dont know if he really like or loves me too, I tried to confess My love to him but most of the time it was not the right moment, Will he love me? Or will he not? lets find out.?

Jèonce (Jae-On-Say) (Mean Girl) POV

Im Louis Girlfriend I know that Dani likes him, Im her best friend but who ever i like!? She Likes

I know that she was friends with him first but i like him !!! she better not Steal him from me!

Or else!!

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