Music Feels Better With You🎶 (UnFinished)

Curesed,Impressed, Louis Finds Out He's With The Wrong Girl and the right girl was his best friend What Decision Will he make? Who will he pick to date Find Out
If you read Right about now!.


5. Somthing's Wrong...

Louis POV:

We have arrived at the Beach!!

I went and parked the car


We got out of the car , We ran to The Beach! What a wonder full day

Jèonce POV: I told Louis That I wanna go home, But Why? We just got here!?!? "Said louis"

I dont care , Ill just take the taxi home!! While taking my stuff and walking out to the walk outlit. I called taxi 3 minutes later .. As i got in to the taxi cab I went home.

Louis POV:

I dont know why she went home shes been suspicious lately.. At least I can spend some time with Dani Alone So i can confess my love to her,

Dani's POV:

Louis walked up to me , Wheres Jèonce ? I Said. She left.. "Louis Said"

Oh.. . Well atleast we can spend some time together I said.

Louis: Yep

Dani: i got a confession to make ..

yes? sais louis

Well We've been friends for a long time,

And ... uhm.. I Love you .. Like Love Love You said Dani

So... Do I "Said Louis"

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