Music Feels Better With You🎶 (UnFinished)

Curesed,Impressed, Louis Finds Out He's With The Wrong Girl and the right girl was his best friend What Decision Will he make? Who will he pick to date Find Out
If you read Right about now!.


4. Picking The Girls Up

"Louis text Jèonce And Dani"Group Chat"

Louis: Are we Still meeting up at The Laguna Beach?

(Dani typing)

Dani: Yeah :)

Jèonce: Yeppers...

Louis: Okay.

Louis: im picking both of you guys up, at 9:00

Dani: Okayy:))

Jèonce: Sure Thing.

Louis POV:

Its 8:30 Gotta Pick up the girls, "hmm" who should i pick up first? "Thinks" ooh I know Dani! " walks to the door and close it behind" "While walking to the car He called Dani" "walks to car than turns on car" So I called Dani .

Dani's POV:

"Ring Ring"

"Picks up phone"


Louis: Hey im almost to your house make sure your ready! :)

All righty :) I said .

Louis POV: Well'p

Im at Dani's House "Texts Dani" :Im here!

While Dani walks out, I said in my head ,"Shes So Beautiful with her batheing suit on" "Dani gets in the car" Dani: Nice day Eh?

Yep! "Louis said" with a smirk after,

Lets go pick up Jèonce, Dani: Ok:)

Jèonce POV:

Louis Should be here any minute! "2 minutes later" I get a call from louis" louis: Come Out Babe" I smiled , I looked out the window and saw him, And I saw Dani, Why did he pick up Dani First? im closer to his house!! Shes 3 minutes alway from me! UGHHH

What ever ill just go out!"

Dani's POV:

I see Jèonce come out , She looked at me Suspicious!?!,

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