Music Feels Better With You🎶 (UnFinished)

Curesed,Impressed, Louis Finds Out He's With The Wrong Girl and the right girl was his best friend What Decision Will he make? Who will he pick to date Find Out
If you read Right about now!.


6. Love Is Arriving

Louis Started to grab me and kissed me"

" Authors Note " If you guys hate Love Or Sexual Part Than do not read!!" If you want to read with no Sexual Or Love in it , Please Be Kind And skip.

Love arrived...

I smiled I told louis that we should go to his house and do more than a kiss . We ran to his car, i sat in the passengers seat, Louis started his car while driving He unzipped his pants and did not take them off . I saw his penis , it was About 7 or 8 inches so he told me to suck on it and stroked it . " I really wanted to " so I did , I sucked on it really hard than stroked it as we arrived at his house he carried me to his house and into his room , than on the bed , He took a strawberry flavored Condom . And i put it on him. Than he took his clothe off . Than i took my clothe off " Stripped it off" and he stroked his cock in my V@gina, I screamed saying "OOUHHH YEEAHH. BABY!! GO HARD ON ME !!" 20 minutes later ..

we passed out sleeping.

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