Music Feels Better With You🎶 (UnFinished)

Curesed,Impressed, Louis Finds Out He's With The Wrong Girl and the right girl was his best friend What Decision Will he make? Who will he pick to date Find Out
If you read Right about now!.


10. Cant Tell Jèonce!

Louis. We can't Tell Or Let Jèonce know, ever.

because she just gave me a chance. We have to pretend like this never ever happened.             What Ever you say Dani.

Louis Left.

I thanked really hard about how to tell Jèonce if she EVER, Finds Out..

*2 weeks Later'       I felt a slight pain in my stomach. i hadn't had my period in 1-2 weeks. i went to my laptop to find out. the opinions are, i might be pregnant, or i might be over exaggerating. i might need to go to a drug store and buy a pregnant test. i went to the drug store and bought the pregnant test and went back home, i went straight to the bathroom to test. it said to pee on the stick till I'm finish peeing. and ill have to wait about 4-5 minutes to know what my answer is..  about 5 minutes past by.  i looked at my stick. 'Gasp'

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