It's Hard To Kill When Your In Love

Sam Anne Nicole, the average high school girl. Got on with everyone, completed all homework in time and, above all, was a friendly nice girl. You wouldn't think that she would deserve anything bad in her life. But she meet's Louis Tomlinson, a eighteen year old boy who has a deep secret - He's a vampire. When he's 'coven' tell him to kill Sam he couldn't be more delighted but he would've never thought he would fall in love with an immortal that was so caring...


2. |Sam p.o.v|

I walked around the school, looking for Hannah - Hannah was my best friend. Yes she was the school's biggest nerd but who cares? Just because your a nerd doesn't mean you should be treated differently. I found Hannah in the library with her boyfriend Marcel Styles, yet another one of my nerdy friends. "Hey Hannah, Marcel," I said and sat down next to Marcel.

"Hey, Sam," Marcel greeted me, I don't know why but Marcel seems to stiffen when ever I'm near him - I was the only person he did it around to so it was strange but I just let it shrug off of my shoulders.

"Hey - Have you meet the new kid?" Hannah asked, I looked at her strangely,

"New kid? What new kid? I haven't met anyone new, Oh my god do you think my behaviors getting worse?" Hannah laughed at me,

"No, don't be silly Sam! He hasn't come yet, he's coming tomorrow but he's Marcel's brothers friend," I nodded and breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Sam, your the first person to find out if someone's new - It's properly gonna be the same," I laughed at Marcel's comment. 

"What do you guys have last lesson?" I asked Marcel and Hannah,

"Urmm, Art," Hannah said and groaned. Hannah hated art, she thought she was rubbish but to be honest I don't think she's that bad.

"Umm, English," Marcel said, I groaned,

"I have Science. I'm being parted by my two best friends," they both laughed, "Hannah, you still coming over to my house after school?" I asked, she bit her lip,

"Oh shit! I forgot!" I laughed, "Sorry, Sam, I said I'd go to Marcel's," I shrugged,

"Don't worry, H, how about tomorrow?" She nodded,

"Yeah - definitely," I smiled as the bell went.

"OK - I'll see you two lovebirds tomorrow," I said and winked, they laughed and I walked off to my Science class. I sat next to my other friend, Jennifer, who wasn't really a nerd but not a complete idiot! "Hey, J," I said, her head shot up.

"Oh, hey Sam-Sam," she said while yawning, I looked at her,

"You alright, you seem pretty tired," she nodded,

"Yeah - just mum and dad where arguing yet again last night until...."

"Right class!" The sound of Mr Singfillds voice made us all jump, he's voice all so cut off Jennifer. "Today we are moving on to our new topic! As you all know, this topic will be about sex and la de la and how couples can sometimes work out and sometimes not," He told us, a girl named Mia shot her hand up.

"Yes, Miss. Star?" He asked,

"How will we know that some relationships work out and sometimes not?" She asked, the teacher smirked,

"You will know because that is what our homework will be about. You will be put into partners and from our next lesson you will act like a couple - That does include staying at eachothers house...." He was cut off by Mia's hand yet again, "Yes, Miss. Star?" He asked,

"We won't need to have.... Y'know... Sex - will we?" She asked, the teacher laughed.

"Not unless you wanted to, Miss. Star. But the school is not aloud to tell you when you can have sex - I'm pretty sure there would be a legal problem with that," she nodded and let him carry on. "Anyway, class, before you start look around at a boy or someone I will be choosing your partner," Most people groaned but some weren't really that bothered,

"OK, Miss. Star you're with Mr. Hing," Mr. Hing first name was Luke and I can say that he was the world's most meanest kid! He was known as the school bully but the school's cutie. It was weird. "Mr Finn, Miss Beam," a boy named Greg and a girl named Heather,

"Miss Shinguard you can go with Mr Bain," Jennifer and her boyfriend Matt, lucky people, he carried on picking on people until he finally got to me, "Miss Nicole you will go with Mr Tomlinson - He's...."

"The new kid that's coming tomorrow - Yeah I know,"  he smiled at me,

"OK, Miss Nicole - The principal would like you to show Mr. Tomlinson around tomorrow so just meet him by his office like you normally do," I smiled and nodded.

"OK," he carried on telling us what we where doing this half term before the bell rang - Singling the end of lesson and, also, the end of the day. I walked out of the school and back home where, once again, my mother and farther where arguing. "Hello, I'm home," I said, but they just ignored me - Carrying on with their petty little fight. I knocked on my younger sister and brothers door, not letting one of them answer I just walked in, "Hey, Jake and Milly," I said and greeted them with a friendly smile, Jake and Milly where twins that where eleven years old - In year six. They looked up and waved,

"Hey Sam,"

"How long have they been arguing for?" I asked, they both shrugged,

"Who know...." Milly started,

"Properly about two - three hours!" Jake said - finishing off Milly's sentence. They where so cute when they did that! I sighed,

"Is Chlo home yet?" I asked, they both shook their heads,


"Out with her boyfriend, don't blame her!" Jake said - finishing off another one of Milly's sentence's. I sighed and nodded,

"OK, I'll be in my room if you need anything," they both nodded and I walked out. I walked into my room and flopped on the bed. I spent about an hour or two just doing homework before my phone buzzed signaling that I had a text message from Hannah. (H = Hannah, S = Sam)


H - He

S - What? What do you mean? XOXOX


I waited for a reply but didn't get one, maybe it was her little brother? I don't know but she might have being playing the worst prank in the world. I carried on with my homework until my really young brother, Zach, knocked on the door. Zach only three years old and he normally slept with me because of mum and dads fights! He jumped into my bed and I hugged him from behind. We both fell asleep, I couldn't wait until tomorrow - You know. I was showing around a new student - One of the many things I enjoy about school!

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