Blue Skies

Life's hard when you're a teenager. Life's even harder when you go to Bluesville Academy. I guess you can only wish for blue skies..

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1. Chapter 1: Bridget

Most days I wasn't excited about school, but today I was for some odd reason. It was my first day of the last year of high school and I couldn't be happier. Only another three hundred days or so left until I was in uni. Yay?. I jumped out of bed, well not literally. I guess you could call it falling out of the blankets making the sound of a dying whale. Anyway, I rolled out of bed and padded my way toward the bathroom, getting in and turning the shower on. I had a quick shower, dressing in some American flag print leggings, pulling on a tight white shirt. I sighed, brushing my long brown hair, pulling it up into a pony tail. I slipped on some Nike's before skipping down the stairs, grabbing my packed bag and a piece of my mums toast. Skipping the hellos and good byes as usual, I ran out the door, making my way down to the bus stop. Here's where my FBI skills start to show. There's this kid that waits there for the same bus. His name is Harrison. I don't mean to offend anyone when I say this but, picture Fregley from Diary of a Whimpy kid and Chubaka from Star Wars and mash them into one person. That's Harrison; completely disturbing to a naked eye. Most days he would try and 'seduce' me with either a magic trick, some sort of foreign food or showing me some part of the body I didn't even know I had. I stood on the same small, square of pavement I have for the last thirteen years, my eyes scanning around for Harrison. Okay, so far so good. I would know if he was here because he would do that stupid voice and say we-

"Well hello there my princess Bridget"

Dang it. Now my day's spoiled. I didn't turn around, not wanting to see him.

"For the last god damn time Harrison, my name is just Bridget"

He laughed, that stupid high pitched laugh that made me sound like a man around him. He suddenly appeared in front of me, his milky blue eyes staring at me from behind his glasses. I backed up, already feeling his weirdness effecting my middle finger.

"I know you love being called my princess, my princess"

Someone call 911 I'm being assaulted. I scoffed and opened my mouth with a rude comeback, stopping myself as a hand landed on my shoulder. My grey eyes flickered over to my right, seeing the familiar face of my best friend, brother, Niall Horan.

"Harrison.. Harrison.. Harrison.."

And just as I hoped, Harrison cringed away, as if he was Smeagol from The Lord of the Rings. I checked my watched and glared at Niall.

"You're five minutes late. He actually talked to me today Niall. Talked. Now I'm scared I'm going to wake up in his basement in a gown, with a tiara on, tied to a chair as he plays tea party with his stupid insects in their glass things"

"Wow Bri.. That was so deep"

I rolled my eyes, pushing him by the chest softly. Typical Bridget and Niall behavior. The bus arrived, much to my content and Niall and I piled on. A quick glance was all it took before we were both wrestling to get the last seat up the back. I gripped onto the padding on the seat, hauling myself off of Niall's body and onto the seat. A triumphant smirk spread across my face and Niall gave me a set glare, sitting in the second back seat, next to a girl from my science class last year. I looked to my left, seeing my two friends Liam and Zayn. To my right was a kid I had never seen before, headphones barely visible amongst his curly hair. Josh sat beside him and I gave him a polite smile. I didn't know much about Josh, just that he made the best Nutella pizza. I'd found that out when I got invited to his party. The bus began to rumble on again and the talking began to start up again. I sat back in my seat happily, watching Niall pout at me. He never got angry at me, really, over anything. This is how he always reacted.

The bus stopped out the front of the school and I let out a disgusted scoff, following everyone off the bus. My gang and I, The Sexy's as we called ourselves, well mainly me, walked into school. We were handed our timetable for the semester, along with our locker number and key. I was glad to find out mine and the boy's lockers were all next to each other. We found our lockers and opened them up. I stuff my bag onto the shelf and looked around. Six lockers in a row this year. Nice. I'd expertly chose the locker on the end, Niall choosing the one beside me to my left. I skimmed through my timetable, glad to see I had music with Niall, Sport with Liam and art with Zayn. I didn't have english with any of them but I did have maths with Josh and science with the same girl off the bus, Ashley. Her locker was in the set next to mine so I was glad to have some girl company near me. The bell rang, signaling first classes. Music was up first, with a teacher I'd never heard the name of before. Mr. L Tomlinson. Right. We walked into the class, taking our seats up the back. The second bell rang, signaling the last students were to go to class immediately. Yay, school's officially started.

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