Maia's parent's are going on a four week vacation..... and won't take her! Instead she is stuck at home with parents best friend's staying with her. Its not all that bad because her best friend Taylor is the son of her parents friends, is coming with them. Everything is fine until Taylor's friend Chris comes over for the night.


2. Storms

A day after my parents left for Greece, a huge rain storm system rolled into town. Since I can't go outside and I can't drive anywhere, I wander around my room cleaning things that don't need to be cleaned. When I'm in the middle of re-making my bed, someone knocks on my door.

"Who is it?" I yell, tugging at the covers trying to make them even.

"The Pizza Man! Who do you think it is Maze!" Taylor said as he walked uninvited into my room and sits on my bed.

"Excuse me! I'm trying to do something here!" I said throwing my pillow at him.

"Come on Maze! Get out do something! Since your parents left you've been cooped up in here being very Anti-Social. Here lets go to Starbucks, or a movie?" Taylor said chucking the pillow back at me.

"Fine." I said walking into my closet to try to find my rain jacket and purse. 

A few minutes later I walked out to find Taylor on the phone "Yeah, sure dude. Hold on let me ask Maia." He covers the mic on his phone and turns to me

"Is it OK if Chris comes over to play video games?" He asks

SHIT! Chris was my ex boyfriend, and we had a horrible break up two months ago, and have hated each other ever since!

"Sure." I forced myself to say, shit I've really done it now I said to myself.

"Thanks Maze! Yeah Dude you can come over."

"What have I done!" I think to myself "There is going to be a huge fight the moment we lay eyes on each other!"

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