Maia's parent's are going on a four week vacation..... and won't take her! Instead she is stuck at home with parents best friend's staying with her. Its not all that bad because her best friend Taylor is the son of her parents friends, is coming with them. Everything is fine until Taylor's friend Chris comes over for the night.


3. Opps

"Maze? Maia! Maia!!" Taylor yelled bringing me back into reality. "Are you sure your ok with Chirs coming over? Cause I can call and cancel."

"No it's fine. Just try to keep us out of each others way" I said staring out of the window.

Taylor pulls into the mall parking lot and finds a spot almost immediately. I grab my bag and jump out of the car and follow him towards Starbucks. I get my usual, Caramel Latte, and Taylor just gets a coffee. We sit there and talk for about a hour, then we have to leave because Chris will be arriving at my house soon.

As we pull into my drive way Chris's Land Rover is already there. I take a huge gulp of my latte before getting out of the car to prepare myself for the World War III thats about to break out.

"Maze? Try not to kill him ok? Do you want to go through the back door?" Taylor says seeing my practically chugging my latte.

"No it's ok, but if you see my about to lunge at his throat, hold me back." I say opening the door of the car.

We walk up the path to my front door and Chris is sitting on the front step waiting for us.

"Hey" Taylor says when we reach the steps

"Hey" Chris says giving me a side glance

I push past him to get to the door and in the processes of it almost knocked him off the front step. Opps.

"Umm there is a word called excuse me." He said regaining his balance.

"Ummm this is my house and you where the one in my way." I said as I harshly pushed the door open, and walked as calmly up the stairs to my room, and that's when I slammed the door so hard the whole house shook. Oppps....again.

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