Maia's parent's are going on a four week vacation..... and won't take her! Instead she is stuck at home with parents best friend's staying with her. Its not all that bad because her best friend Taylor is the son of her parents friends, is coming with them. Everything is fine until Taylor's friend Chris comes over for the night.


1. Leaving

"Mum! You can't actually be serious about leaving me for three weeks while you and Dad fly to Greece! That is so unfair!" I squealed as I followed Mum around my parent's room.

"Life's not fair, Maia we already told you this, your exams come up a week after we get back and you need to study to keep your grades up. And someone needs to stay and look after Fin." Sarah, my mom said stuffing clothes into her suitcase.

"I can study on the plane, and in the hotel, and in the plane back! And Fin.." I looked at the dog who was sprawled out on my parents bed. "Fin can be put into a kennel, or he can stay with Izzy and Greorge." 

"There was four things wrong in that sentence. one we're flying at night so you would be tired if you where going with us. two we will hardly be in the hotel. three again we are flying at night. And four, we are not putting Fin in a kennel, they will ruin her. Now that's it! You are not going, and that is final so stop complaining, and go get the spare bedrooms ready. Izzy, George, and Taylor will be here in a hour." Mom said as she rummaged through a draw in the bathroom.

I stormed out of my parents room and went down the hall to the spare bedrooms. A hour after cleaning the bedrooms and the guest bathroom, folding blankets and towels, Izzy and George arrived. I ran into her bedroom and checked myself out in the mirror before I went down stairs. My long brown hair was in a high messy blob on the top of my head, and I was wearing sweat pants and a T-shirt. After a few seconds I decided not to even bother, its not like they haven't seen me like this before.

I wondered down the stairs lazily as my parents told the guest what the rules where while they where away and all the other crap. Taylor walked up the first few stairs towards me as his parents where getting their orders.

"Hey." He said giving me a little nudge with his shoulder.

"Hi" I said giving him a side glance.

"Ok then... someone isn't very happy today." He said smirking "Whats up with you. You should be happy since you get to spend a whole four weeks with your favorite person ever!" He said a little to enthusiastically.

Sure Taylor was my best friend and has been since we were two, but he can be a ass sometimes. Like now, or I was just in a bad mood and didn't want to be social. 

"Ok Bye pumpkin!" My Dad called out as he and my mom walked out the door towards the waitng taxi. 

"Bye. Thanks for leaving me!" I hollered back.

"Your welcome! Love you!" My Mom called.

Izzy, George and I sat out on the door step waving until they where out of sight, then we walked back in. And I prepared myself to be absolutely bored for 3 three weeks. 


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