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13. The Assassin and the Princess by Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass 1,1)

The Assassin and the Princess, Sarah J. Maas

YA Fantasy, Thriller

12 pages

Read: January 3 2014

5 stars

So, how can you write a novella that lures in the reader in only 12 pages? Let me tell you that; by being Sarah J. Maas!
This novella is awesomeness itself, true to the ToG style! The dynamics between Celaena and Nehemia is perfectly executed. Their friendship is as real as the one between my best friend and I, and I love how Sarah keeps proving that in her books, [even after Nehemia's death - which literally killed me too!)
A nice extra scene, beautifully executed, and nothing short of perfect!


If you like: Divergent, Delirium, ToG, The Hunger Games, reading, good books.

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