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9. Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Covenant 5)

Sentinel, Jennifer L. Armentrout

YA Urban Fantasy, Dystopia

297 pages

Read: November 25 to December 3 2013

5 stars

WHAT A KILLER FINALE! Oh my holy hotpants!! (I don't know where that came from o.O)
Sentinel was everything the last Covenant book needed to be, and just the slightest bit more. That bitter-sweetly perfect ending (AIDEN!) and Seth's conversion from idiot to incredible was so believable, even though I never would have seen it coming. I mean, 100 pages earlier I was cheering on Alex for beating him up - and I stil am, because God, the dude deserved it, big time! 
I mean, on the list of things that he has been a part of is:
1: Starting a full-out world war
2: Killing friends and fellow Halfs (Lea... Olivia... CALEB!<3)
3: Letting Ares break apart Alex, literally.
And much, much more. So I think a little beating was in its rightful place. 
I have been over the characters of the Covenant books before, so I don't feel the need to go over them again. Alex is still a kickass heroine, and real as hell, to the very end. Beautiful! Ares was a big, badass villain, just psychotic enough for the course, and Seth was so darn... NAIVE! If he hadn't believed Lucian - who most definitely deserved the death he got - none of that crap would have happened. But I'm done blaming Seth.. For the next paragraph or so.
Perses was an awesome character, mostly because I am not quite sure whether he was a good or a bad one. Psychotic? Pretty much. On the good guys team? Yes Sir! So what kind of dude was he? I believe that will remain a mystery for eternity. (Unless Armentrout decides to write a spin-off, which she should) 
The Gods were some interesting characters. I despised most, but they were interesting to hear about. I've always had a thing for Greek Mythology, and this was just the series I needed. 

Goodbye Covenant. I hope to reunite with you soon...

And to part with you, Covenant series, here is a list of my thoughts, and the most genious paragraphs from Sentinel:

Page 26: "The Army of Awesomeness... " I love Deacon!

Page 52: "Her head smacked back, and the pleasure I felt would worry therapists across the nation." GO ALEX!

Page 67:  "Being responsible for a child, especially in the mess that was my life? That kid wouldn't have a chance. It would end up getting eaten by wild coyotes or something." - Oh Alex I love you x'D

Page 68: "And what kind of kid would I be popping out? Part Half, part Pure and part Apollyon? This kid could destroy the world." GENIOUS! 

Page 95: Oh well, Lucian is dead, and Seth is unconcious... Can't we make the current situation permanent?


Page 122: "Deimos! Phobos! Freaking nonsense..."

Page 131: It is dangerously funny when Alex beats up Seth!! I think I hold a little bit of a too big grudge on him, considering he is.. well, not real...

Page 133: "We need a plan," Apollo said. "Wow." Seth folded his arms. "That's a unique concept." - Freaking genious!! :D

Page 140: Alex: "I know it's okay to be scared." Aiden: "Damn, I should record that statement."

Page 167: Well, Tartarus seems like a nice place... If you're a fireball...

Page 237: Oh well, Olivia is dead, it is tragic, but I can't help being happy for her..

Page 274: I love that she smacks Seth when he comes back to life... love it!

Page 286: Aiden better die! And Hades better release him! NOW!

Page 289: A Half-Blood on the council!! Woop-woop!

Page 294: There's a mistake.. it won't be longer than six months 'till Deacon sees his brother... It will probably be like... two weeks o.O

Page 297: Amazingly, that ending was absolutely perfect..


If you liked: Well, practically anything! But Vampire Academy, Shadow Falls, Throne of Glass, Fade, Halo and so on... Oh, and kick-ass heroines, delicious love interests, and great villains!

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