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7. Pure by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Covenant 2)

Pure, Jennifer L. Armentrout

YA Urban Fantasy

329 pages

Read: October 7 to 18 2013

5 stars

Pure was a hell of a ride! And so much better than Half-Blood!

Before I start on my usual character/world-building/writing review, I would like to share some of my messed up theories with you guys.
1. Minister Telli compelled, and poisoned Alex. Or at least, one of his ''friends'' did.
2. Alex' father wasn't a human, but a half-blood, executed because of his relationship with Alex' mom.
3. Seth is a straight-out psycho, only after the power Alex can give him.
It's just some of the ideas I have about this, and reading the first 100 pages of Deity has proved me right in some places.
And on to the real deal!
The writing was, true to JLA's style, entertaining, both interesting, and utterly humorous. As for this paragraph:
"Even it Aiden loved me as much as I loved cake, it didn't matter."
Yes! I am freaking serious. You expect her to say: As much as I loved him, but nooo... You get: As much as I loved cake. I laughed out loud from that! And it is just one example of a lot of funny paragraphs scattered throughout the book!
The world-building is really starting to make sense. And sadly, it still copies Vampire Academy quite a lot. I don't really care though, and I feel pretty satisfied with the whole thing. 
Caleb, oh Caleb, I miss you so much!
She doesn't introduce a lot of new characters, but we do get Minister Telly, who is a straight out dickhead (sorry for the language, but there seriously is no other way than that to describe him) and Laadan, whom I've grown to love.
Laadan is the mother Alex misses so much. Maybe because she knew her mother so well. She is friendly and caring, and I really liked her. Finally another pure that doesn't look down on halfs!
Alex as the main character goes through a massive development! I love that! So does Aiden. I wouldn't say Seth does, but that might be because I really don't trust the dude. 
Apart from the story itself, which is a staight 5 star read, there was a scene from Seth's POV in my e-book version, so here comes a super-short review.

3,5 stars
The writing itself was good, but because we have already read this scene from Alex' POV, it wasn't extremely interesting. What bothered me the most - and this might be because I have a photographic memory - was that a lot of the same phrases were used to describe it. For God's sake, people don't speak in the exact same way!
What also bothers me, is that some of the spoken lines, just doesn't add up...
Seth tells Alex twice in that scene (when they're in a pool) that she looks like a drowned monkey.
First, he just tells her that: "You look like a drowned monkey."
But the second time he says: "Water did the girl good. Now you really look like a drowned monkey."
The thing is, he says the last line at the time of the FIRST in this version of the story, and that just seems like a lazy work. Sorry JLA... But a nice, quick read nonetheless.


If you liked: Vampire Academy, Throne of Glass, Elemental

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