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6. Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Covenant 1)

Half-Blood, Jennifer L. Armentrout

YA Urban Fantasy

242 pages

Read: September 21 to 30 2013

Real rating: 4,5 stars
Half-Blood is awesome! My favorite part of it is definitely the characters. Alex, for one, is badass! Not as badass as Celaena Sardothien, but hey, you can't have it all.
Caleb too, is a very vivid, very well-defined character, whom I've grown to love.

Knowing that he'll die makes my want to scream!

End of spoiler

Aiden, as the love interest is absolutely amazing! I mean, I'm practically in love with him, which I don't think has ever happened to me before?! Maybe because he is just so flawed he seems real, and nothing more. He's a truly good person, and he gets Alex in ways that is unusual in YA. 

Seth is a jackass. He seems real, but if so, he is a real JACKASS. YES, I said it!

I see the similarities to VA, which I have read book 1 and 2 of. But then again, there is too many books for any of them to be originals, everything is a cliché, and why should that hold me from enjoying a well-written book? Yes, I've seen it before! I've also read The Hunger Games before, but I still enjoy it every time.

The writing is a rather fine work, and Alex' voice is entertaining as hell. She has humor, I'm not going to deny that.

The reason I only gave it 4,5 stars? Well, I am not sure, but I wouldn't change my rating. It is a great book, with a good plotline and a great worldbuilding, vivid characters that grows throughtout the book, but the thing is, is isn't more than that. It didn't blow me away, it didn't compell me to keep reading, and it took me a few days to finish, even though it is a fairly short book. 
I wasn't left breathless, and even though I had the second book right at hand, I didn't just jump onto it. Yes, I am reading it now, but I read other books first, because I just didn't care enough.


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