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5. Daimon by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Covenant 0,5)

Daimon, Jennifer L. Armentrout

YA Urban Fantasy

62 pages

Read: September 18 to 19 2013

Real rating 3,5.

There's something sad about books like Daimon. It has so much potential, and yet it falls to the ground because of tiny little mistakes.
My biggest issue with Daimon is how many characters we are introduced to. 
As it begins, Armentrout leads us to believe that Matt is an important character. Not a chance. Also the guys whose names I don't remember, that bothers Matt and Alex on the beach. Not. Important. Then as the book moves along, we are introduced to tree different Daimons that the MC either kills or gets away from. Then there is the hotel keeper that introduces himself too, even though only one of the things he says is actually important. Then there is the christian woman on the bus, who offers Alex crackers. And at last, we also meets John and Red, who we start to get and impression of, and then BAM! They're dead. 
I could have lived with Matt, the daimons, the hotel keeper, and even John and Red, but those last characters did it for me. They were annoying.
With the ranted about, I liked the book. Except all the characters, the story was good, the protagonist was kick-ass awesome, the writing was entertaining, and had its funny moments, so over-all I liked it. I just wish we hadn't taken so many detours when it came to getting to know characters that weren't important.
But I will read Covenant, because I think this story will be awesome!


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