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14. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass 2)

Crown of Midnight, Sarah J. Maas

YA Fantasy, Thriller

432 pages

Read: August 28 to September 6 2013

5 stars

5 stars!! No wait 432 stars, one for every page in this tremendously awesome book!!! (Seriously, if I had a word-count at hand, that would be the number of stars, but right now, it will have to do with 432...)

Review coming when my heart isn't beating so fast, my breath isn't hitching, and my eyes aren't blurry from crying!


Okay, here it goes. An objective review of Crown of Midnight. (as if!)

So, I might be a little biased... very biased. But that is okay, because even if I wasn't, this book is absolutely amazing! This is one of the few reviews where I won't go on a rant about something. Anything. Because there is nothing to rant about. Except maybe the fact that the third book of this series has an expected publication in 2014!!! - Yes, kill me please...

When it comes to the characters all I can say is that I love them. Some I love to hate, and some I hate to love, but above all, I just love them.

Celaena is kick-ass! [And FAE?!?!] She is so full of emotion that she tries to hide so desperately, and she is damn good at it! But sometimes I really hate that protagonists has to be so damn unselfish. REVEL in Chaol's love, for God's sake! Don't ask him not to say it [WHEN YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY!]
But all in all, Celaena is one the best protagonists I have followed for a long time, and the fact that she is so KICK-ASS just makes her even more awesome!

Archer Finn, her new target is... [ I HATE HIM! ARGH, IF I COULD KILL HIM MYSELF, I FREAKING WOULD!! WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER! He killed Nehemia for f*ck sake! I am practically seething with hatred toward him. Thank God he's dead!] 

Oh look, I actually did come up with a rant! 

Dorian is the most awesome crown prince in the none-world. Or in this world. Honestly, he is awesome! [ It was a major bombshell that he had magic. I really don't want to know what the king wants with him, mostly because I know Dorian won't comply, and he definitely won't go down without a fight. I just hope he'll win that fight... ]

Chaol is our true love interest in this book, and that is felt from the beginning. It is obvious how much he loves Celaena, even to himself - and to a not too happy Dorian - which is a huge plus! All too often the main characters are absolutely oblivious to their own feelings, mainly because of denial, which I think is pretty annoying. The way their relationship evolves is so painful though, I wanted to die. Especially at the end. Point is, Chaol is a great love interest.

Nehemia is the last character I'll go over, and most will be marked spoiler. Actually, everything will. [I would never have guessed she was a part of a movement against the king. At least not one in Rifthold! I always knew she hated him, I mean, she never really tried to hide it. But the fact that ARCHER had her assasinated? I would NEVER have figured that out. Even though she wanted it to happen. "One of them has to break." Yeah, you nailed that one pretty well, didn't you Nehemia? Your Elentiya - is that spelled correctly? - surely broke apart, thank you!]

The worldbuilding is just as thorough as in Throne of Glass, and I have to say, that is one of Sarah's great assets. She is a hell of a talent when it comes to worldbuilding. (and mostly everything having to do with writing.)
The world-building was (don't kill me) top-notch!

The writing was practially flawless, as usual from Maas, and I have just about nothing to say.

Plotline was awesome. The main plotline twists and turns, and little off-road treks are common. The plot kept me guessing, more than any books I have read in a while, and I loved it.

Characters: 4,5 stars
World-building: 5 stars
Writing: 4,5 stars
Plotline: 5 stars


Overall opinion
My overall opinion is that I can't wait for the next book to come out! Just like with the first book, the wait is killing me, but I guess I'll just have to stay alive until 2014...



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