Cheshire Bad Boy

Dawn is 17 years old and a senior in high school. She has been getting bullied through-out her high school and elementary years by the town's bad boy Harry Styles. Between those sarcastic comments and smart-alec remarks, there has been something that they never seemed to notice. They never thought this would happen. Their lives take an unexpected turn when it comes closer to their graduation


1. Chapter 1: Really Styles?

* Dawn's POV *

"God I HATE you Styles!!!" I growled at Harry

"It doesn't look that bad love. Don't worry, it'll wash out. At least i think i will." He smirked. All his friends were laughing. Everyone in the cafeteria was laughing! I hated the attention! I can't take this anymore! He's been bullying me since 2nd grade!

"THAT BAD! REALLY!! YOU THREW SPAGHETTI ON MY SHIRT!" I was so mad. I stormed out of the cafeteria. The laughter getting fainter as I walked to my locker. I put in my combination and grabbed an extra shirt i kept in there just incase something like his happened.

When i got back to my locker, i found Harry smirking at me

"What do you want Styles?

"Im just seeing how you look, you know, because you look funny when your mad. The way your face gets red and the way you scrunch your nose. All you need now is steam coming out if your ears." He chuckled

I just rolled my eyes and pushed him softly so i can get into my locker and put my dirty shirt away. He was still standing by my locker.

"Go away Harry!" I turned to look at him

He smirked at me and turned around. "Whatever you say love."

"And don't call me love!" I shouted towards him.

He turned around so he can look at me. He was now walking backwards. "Ok babe" He turned around and continued walking.

"Ugh!" I groaned slamming my locker. And I heard him chuckle to himself. "It's not funny Harry!"

Luckily I only had two more classes left.

When the bell rang I started walking home. It takes about 10 minutes to walk home. It suddenly got cold and the wind was picking up. I started walking faster, but then I felt like somebody was watching me. I turned around to see that a black car has stopped. Thats strange... I walked faster, nearly at jogging speed and I heard the car go again. I finally arrived at my house and struggles opening the door. When I got inside, I looked out the window to find the car driving off.

"who the hell was that?!" I questioned myself as i entered my room. My parents are still at work and won't be home for another 3 hours. Thank god I didnt have any homework. I just changed into my PJ's and went into my bed. Hopefully nothing bad or strange happens tomorrow. I quickly fell asleep.

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