When I died

Vampires, secrets and more! Has written about the subject before and like the idea about ​​vampires. In this history is the thought that Niall and the other's vampire. I think you understand the topic and that you hang up with me?


10. What do I know?

Sara was surprised. The whole village found out about the engagement before she even had the ring on her finger. When she came to the school the headmaster came and everyone else and congratulated her, she didn't even have to take off her jacket.
"You got the best guy there is to get." they said to her. "He's perfect and you will be so happy."
Sara realized that the village probably knew more than her, but she kept a good face and tried instead to enjoy. It wasn't every day that they congratulated her. Most often, she got a little flower as she celebrated her birthday and it was always just one who remembered it. But she hadn't got everyone's attention at once before.


"Niall have found a ring." Louis whispered to Sara when they finally ended the day. She was surprised and looked at him.
"When did he do it? Yesterday was Sunday and everything was closed?"
Louis just smiled mysteriously and watched her closely.
"I will not tell you his secrets. We have contacts all over the place and it's quite easy for us to get what we want when we want."
She giggled lightly and realized that Louis certainly spoke the truth.
"So he got me a ring?" she received to him.
"Yes, but I shall say no more!"
Sara didn't want to work that day. She just wanted to run to Niall and see what kind of ring he had bought, but she knew that the students need her to stay. She looked down at the ground and thought about what she would do. Direct smiled Louis to her and pulled her into a corner, so that no one heard them.
"Sara, he will give you the ring even if you work one day." He made ​​sure she was standing near him. "It's special for us to. You and Niall are the first to get engaged in our family."
She was surprised and looked up at him. Hadn't Louis made ​​it with Eleanor? Wasn't he even married?
"Are you serious?"
Louis laughed and nodded his head in embarrassment.
"We don't have that tradition where we come from. We have only found a partner and then you stay with that person."
She wanted to laugh at him, but realized he was serious.
"Everyone gets married in England and one gets engaged always first." she couldn't help but think about how Niall had asked her. He was certainly more nervous of what she had been. "So Niall don't know how to do this?"
He shook his head.
"None of us know. You are the one who can teach us, if you want?"
Sara just smiled.
"So you are living in sin?" she received. Louis looked bewildered.
"What do you mean by sin?"
Sara knew she had strict education from her mother and everyone didn't think as she did. But Sara felt it was still important to do everything right.
"First you meet a girl or a boy." she said, almost whispering. "When you feel that you fit together, the man asks if she wants to marry him. If she give him a yes, they gets engaged it with each other. Then get married in a church and then provide children."
Louis balked.
"In a church?"
She nodded with satisfaction and giggled lightly.
"A priest must bless the couple."
Louis blinked and faded. She understood that Louis certainly was against religion and that they didn't want to get married in the old way.
"But you can get married anywhere they want." she got out and realized that it certainly was impossible to get Niall to church. "You can get married at home, by the sea and you can have a priest who doesn't talk about my religion. But he must still marry the couple."
Louis looked down at the ground and frowned.
"We are not Christians and we are against it with the priests." he got out. "We haven't exactly had good experiences of your church and we believe that the Bible isn't reliable."
Sara was disappointed, but she was willing to sacrifice that dream, only she got Niall.
"That's okay." she said kindly. "You need not to worry. I promise not to force you to visit my church."
Louis seemed relieved.
"Good, because it had only created problems."


Nelly wondered what it was that made Louis, Niall and the others to hate the church. She hadn't met anyone before that had something against religion. Maybe she could ask Niall what it was that they believed in? She was sure that they weren't Jews or Muslims. Maybe they were Buddhists? She couldn't stop thinking about it and it occurred to her that Niall had never told her about where he came from. There was a lot she didn't know about. Who were his parents? Was he born in Ireland? How old was he?


Throughout the day she was almost absent and when the students went home, she was just relieved. She took the bag and quickly left the school. She went with quick Steps to the garage and got direct view on Niall. She stopped where he didn't see her, and watched him closely. Niall looked like he used to and he curled in a motor. She saw the way his muscles worked, and she enjoyed the sight. Niall was really perfect and it didn't matter what he believed in. Perhaps he had a rough childhood and that he didn't want to talk about it? Maybe they didn't belong to any religion, and was more free in their thinking. She found out many alternative answers. It was as if she apologized him and didn't want him to have anything negative involved.


In the end, she had to leave the hiding place and Niall was happy when he saw her. He put down his tools and went up to her. He gave her one of those wonderful hug and then looked into her eyes.
"I've found our rings." he said and she nodded instantly.
"Louis told me in school."
Niall laughed a little bit and played angry.
"I told him not to tell you about it, but he can never be silent."
She laughed and nodded. She saw how his eyes sparkled with love and whole Niall showed her how much he cared.
"You come to me after work?" she asked quickly. "If we are going to do this and get engaged?"
He nodded immediately.
"Of course I'm coming home to you. You're my home!"

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